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Ever wondered how to build your methods toolbox?

  • 1.  Ever wondered how to build your methods toolbox?

    Posted 04-11-2022 17:13
    If you have ever wondered how people build their methods knowledge and skill sets, or were looking to learn a new analyses tool orsoftware package, you're going to love the newest episode of the "This Month In Entrepreneurship" podcast!

    This season (Season 3) we focus on methods, and we are thrilled to have Larry Williams as our guest on this last episode to talk about CARMA (Consortium for Research Methods and Analysis). Larry gives us background on how and why he started CARMA and how doctoral students can get involved and build their methods skill sets.

    You can find podcast episodes here:

    The "This Month In" (also known as TMI) Entrepreneurship Podcast is a "for the students, by the students" podcast hosted by the AOM Entrepreneurship Division, with new episodes launching the first Wednesday of each month. Hosted by Ashley Roccapriore (University of Tennessee), Alex Hamrick (Auburn University) & Joshua White (University of Alabama), the TMI Podcast was created for doctoral students to get advice from faculty around the world, while also allowing students to get to know faculty in our field better!

    Be sure to send your questions and suggestions for future guests here: tmientpod@gmail.com

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