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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Research Seminar Series

  • 1.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Research Seminar Series

    Posted 09-23-2022 14:27

    Our Fall Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy virtual research seminar schedule is available. Please visit this LINK to view and register for the different seminars. Our Elevator Pitch is listed immediately below.


    Elevator Pitch: Governments around the world enact policies that affect technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. An increasing number of scholars are investigating these topics, which has implications on policy design and program implementation. Yet, scholars lack a forum for presenting their work. This virtual seminar series will fill this gap-bringing together the insights from academia and policy application-thereby increasing our understanding of policy issues and build a forum for expressing these ideas and a supportive community to nourish them.


    The next research seminar is on September 29, from 11:00-12:15 ET. Michael Park (U. Minnesota) will present "Caring but sharing unintentionally: Lobbying for innovation and the leakage of knowledge". Click HERE to register. We hope you join us.


    Tim Folta (UCONN) & Maryann Feldman (ASU)