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AOM PDW Experiments - Call for Proposals

  • 1.  AOM PDW Experiments - Call for Proposals

    Posted 06-12-2019 15:45
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    Dear Colleagues,

    We invite you to the PDW on Experiments in Entrepreneurship, where we further the conversation on the challenges and best practices for conducting high-quality experiments. The PDW aims to bring together our community of scholars and address some of the practical problems relating to how to conduct, evaluate, and publish experiments in entrepreneurship research.

    The PDW consists of two parts. Part I will focus on the community-building purpose of the session and on addressing general questions related to selecting, designing, conducting, evaluating, and publishing experiments in entrepreneurship research. Part II, in turn, will focus on discussing challenges/questions in conducting experimental research submitted by individual participants ahead of the session (i.e., a specific study design, a challenging manipulation, an appropriate follow-on study, etc.). Each participant in Part II will have an opportunity to present their challenge/question briefly and receive feedback. A proposal submission, however, is not a requirement in order to attend Part II so you are welcome to join even if you are simply curious to learn about experiments.

    In order to benefit the most from Part II of the PDW, we invite you to submit a ½ to 1-page description of the challenge/question that you wish to discuss during the roundtables. We will focus on three main types of challenges in three separate rounds. In addition to the theme where your challenge will be allocated and discussed, you can then have an opportunity to join two other rounds on different topics of your choice to learn and contribute to the discussions there. Below is a short overview of the three rounds:

    Round  I: Embarking on Experimental Research Conversations (30 minutes)

    The first round enables participants to join a 30-minute conversation that focuses on the challenges of being an experimental researcher that are outside of the experiment itself. 

    Round 2: Focusing on Experiment Design Conversations (30 minutes)

    The second round enables participants to join a 30-minute conversation that focuses on the nature of different types of manipulations (what is being manipulated, how, why, etc.) and measurements.

    Round 3: Engaging with Experiment Operationalization and Analysis (30 minutes)

    The third round enables participants to join a 30-minute conversation that focuses on experiment operationalization, the implementation, and the analysis.

    The exact set of topics within each round will be defined in consideration with the proposals that we will receive.

    If you would like to participate in Part II with a personal research challenge to be discussed by the panel, please e-mail the ½ to 1-page description by July 20th to experimentsENT@gmail.com.

    The PDW is organized and facilitated by Magdalena Cholakova (Rotterdam School of Management), Dawn DeTienne (Colorado State U.), Denis Gregoire (HEC Montreal), Dan Hsu (North Dakota State U.), Daniel Lerner (IE Business School), Louis Marino (U. of Alabama), Rob Mitchell (Colorado State U.), Kelly Shaver (College of Charleston), Diemo Urbig (U. of Wuppertal), David Williams (U. of Tennessee), and Matthew Steven Wood (Baylor U.). #ExperimentsENT

    Louis Marino
    Professor & Head, Department of Management
    University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa AL
    (205) 348-8946