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How are PhD programs supporting international students during COVID?

  • 1.  How are PhD programs supporting international students during COVID?

    Posted 03-30-2021 16:38
    Hi friends,

    I'm reaching out to you today looking for feedback and help; not posting an opportunity this time.  At the University of Louisville, we had accepted several international students to our 2020 PhD cohort.  As you can imagine, embassies closed, the students couldn't get visas, and we have been delivering their seminars over technology.  The University was still able to remit their tuition and fees, but we cannot pay the stipend because these students' visa status will not allow them to "work" in the US.

    This has thrown our students a very big financial problem during COVID.  We can't pay them their stipend, and employment opportunities are very limited for them.  Surely, I can't be the only program director experiencing this, though.  Do any of you out there have ideas or advice on how we can do better to support our international PhD students?

    We are hopeful the embassies will open this Summer, and our students will be able to join us physically for Fall 2021 semester.  In the meantime, it's a very challenging situation.  Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Bobby Garrett
    PhD program director at University of Louisville

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