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Experiential Entreepnershp pilot

  • 1.  Experiential Entreepnershp pilot

    Posted 11-16-2021 12:26
    Good morning Entrepreneurship colleagues,

    If you are teaching an experiential entrepreneurship course this Winter, I'm pleased to share with you a program developed and classroom-tested at Ryerson University (Canada's home to entrepreneurship learning). 100 Steps 2 Startup is a guided, step-by-step program designed to take users from idea creation to revenue generation using videos, exercises and worksheets. To date, after adopting this program, 90% of users reported feeling more confident in how to start a startup.
    100 Steps 2 Startup contains 10 hours of easy-to-watch, animated videos, 80 exercises and 90 worksheets, organized into 7 distinct Phases. The program is suitable for both a one-semester course (steps 1-50) and a two-semester course (steps 1-100). It has been tested in small graduate classes (30-40 students) as well as in larger undergrad classes (over 120 students). The program allows students to learn at their own pace outside of class and benefit fully from your mentorship inside the classroom. It uses the flipped classroom approach as well as the Lean Startup methodology. 100 Steps 2 Startup walks students through real world customer discovery, opportunity validation, ideation and iteration. Most of all it puts the power in the hands of the students.
    The 100 Steps 2 Startup program for educators includes samples from prior students, syllabuses, teachers' guide and midterm exam questions. The goal is to make your job easier and to allow you to focus on mentoring not lecturing. Currently we are seeking 4-5 faculty to pilot the program at their school (new schools only). To offset any costs or inconvenience we pay a $400 honorarium for participating pilot faculty (minimum 20 students).

    You can find out more here: www.100steps2startup.com

    You can listen firsthand to the impact that 100 Steps 2 Startup had on students here: http://www.100steps2startup.com/press-testimonials/#div-testimonials

    If you would like a 20-minute demo followed by academic access for yourself, just hit reply and I will be pleased to supply you with such.

    Dr. Sean Wise | BA LLB MBA PhD
    Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship,
    Ryerson University
    (416) 995 9017