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Teaching resources for PhD courses dealing with forms of "work"

  • 1.  Teaching resources for PhD courses dealing with forms of "work"

    Posted 11-10-2021 15:56

    As a reminder to anyone teaching a PhD seminar in OT, OB, DEI, ODC, or entrepreneurship, we have put together an Asynchronous Seminar on Social-Symbolic Work that may provide some useful resources if you are dealing with any kind of "work" in your seminar (e.g., identity work, institutional work, emotion work). There are readings lists, videos, and slide decks. The seminar is completely free, and we'd be delighted if you used it in whatever way is helpful. One of our aims in writing Constructing Organizational Life was to develop a text that could be used alongside other materials in a doctoral seminar in organization theory or organizational behavior. In any case, feel free to use and re-mix the materials in whatever way works for you. We only ask that you cite appropriately.


    For background, in Constructing Organizational Life, we build on diverse forms of "work" in organizations, including identity work, emotion work, boundary work, strategy work, and institutional work to develop the social-symbolic work perspective. The perspective highlights people's efforts to construct the social world, and focuses attention on the motivations, practices, resources, and effects of those efforts. The asynchronous seminar comprises an introduction to social-symbolic work, overviews of self work, organization work, and institutional work, and discussions of theoretical opportunities and methodological challenges associated with the social-symbolic work perspective. It includes videos of our mini-lectures from the seminar, our PowerPoint slide decks, and a reading list for each of the topics.




    Tom and Nelson


    Tom Lawrence

    Professor of Strategy

    Saïd Business School

    University of Oxford


    Constructing Organizational Life (Oxford University Press)

    Social-Symbolic Work | Exploring the Turn to Work in Social Science and Society

    SBS Website Google Scholar ResearchGate