Mentor Match

Entrepreneurship Division Launches ENT Mentor Match

Call for mentors

by Gry Agnete Alsos

Do you want to contribute to developing the next generation of ENT scholars? The Entrepreneurship Division of AOM is calling upon experienced ENT members to act as mentors for emerging entrepreneurship scholars.

At the 2018 Annual Meeting, we will launch a new mentorship program for emerging entrepreneurship scholars: the ENT Mentor Match. The program will connect emerging scholars with experienced ENT Academy members to support their professional development needs. The program allows emerging scholars to engage in a mentoring relationship based on their needs, and fellow ENT Academy members the opportunity to engage in fulfilling mentoring relationships with the next generation of ENT scholars.

When signing up as a mentor, you will be connected with an emerging scholar seeking a mentor to help developing his/her career. Mentors and mentees will be matched on based on professional skills the mentee wants to acquire and the mentor has to offer.

Emerging scholars invited to be mentees include PhD students, post docs, assistant professors, or the equivalent. The program is sponsored by the Kaufmann Foundation, and is only open to AOM ENT division members.

We aim for experienced ENT scholars who are willing to engage in a mentoring relationship for up to one academic year, with meetings (online, phone or similar) approximately once a month. During the mentorship, the mentor should work with the mentee on how s/he can grow professionally and develop network, based on the objectives of the mentee.

For this, we need engaged mentors with a variety of qualifications and interests. Are you interested to act as a mentor? Or curious for more information?
Please contact the ENT Mentorship task force: Gry Agnete Alsos (, April Franco (, Jim Combs ( or Siri Terjesen (

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