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Entrepreneurship Division – ENT Mentor Match

The Mentorship Program - ENT Mentor Match - was launched in 2018 for new and emerging entrepreneurship scholars to benefit from the experience of ENT Academic members. The Program connects emerging scholars with experienced ENT Academy members to support their professional development needs. The Program allows emerging scholars to engage in a mentoring relationship based on their needs and allows fellow ENT Academy members to engage in fulfilling mentoring relationships with the next generation of ENT scholars.

Call for Mentors

Can you contribute to developing the next generation of ENT scholars? The Entrepreneurship Division of AOM is calling upon experienced ENT Academy members to act as mentors for emerging entrepreneurship scholars.

When signing up as a mentor, you will be connected with emerging scholars seeking a mentor to help develop their careers. Mentors and mentees are matched to the professional skills the mentee wants to acquire and what the mentor has to offer. Prospective mentees will request your mentorship, with each mentor being able to engage with up to three mentor relationships at a time.

 We aim for experienced ENT scholars who are willing to engage in a mentoring relationship for up to one academic year, with meetings (online, phone or similar) approximately once a month. During the mentorship, the mentor should work with the mentee on how they can grow professionally and develop network, based on the objectives of the mentee.

A successful mentor relationship is a very fulfilling experience and can facilitate constructive reflection and development for both mentor and mentee.

 "I had a really positive experience with the mentoring program and really enjoyed meeting with my mentees. In terms of topics, we discussed various things such as the job market, their own work and where they might take it, and how they saw themselves developing as academics. – Mentor on ENT Mentor Match, 2022"

 We need a variety of engaged mentors from all locations, institutions, and research interests/approaches. If you are interested in being a mentor in the ENT Mentor Match program, please complete your mentor profile on Connect@AoM and enroll as a mentor. On this link, you will also find guidelines on expectations and the aims of the program.

Call for Mentees

Are you looking to learn from some of the most experienced ENT scholars in the field? The ENT Mentor March program provides the opportunity to search for and work with an experienced ENT scholar on an individual basis. Emerging scholars invited to be mentees include PhD students, post-docs, assistant professors, early career lecturers, or the equivalent. The program is only open to AOM ENT division members.

While each mentoring relationship is unique, you will benefit from regular interaction with your mentor, either online, over the phone, or, if geography allows, in person. You will develop a set of specified objectives to form the basis of your mentor relationship, each objective focused on your growth as a scholar and your professional development.  

 While relationships such as supervision and line management can often be functional, the strength of ENT mentorship is being able to discuss all aspects of your scholarly career, from the progression of your research to your future career plans. This can also lead to some fruitful and collaborative relationships, as one mentee explains:

 "Through the AOM mentoring experience, I had the opportunity to work with and learn from the best authors in my research domain. It was an adventure learning from my mentor about writing scientific papers. Now, we are collaborating on one publication submitted to an outstanding journal. I also received advice that has been useful for my academic career and personal life. I believe that I am a better person thanks to this AOM mentoring program. – Mentee on ENT Mentor Match, 2022."

We invite prospective mentees from a variety of backgrounds to engage with the ENT Mentor Match program. There are many different mentors available for you to search through, allowing you to find the mentor best suited to your goals. Each potential mentor has their profile set up with information on their current interests and their own scholarly background.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the ENT Mentor Match program, please ensure that your Connect@AoM profile is up-to-date and follow the guidance to enroll as a mentee. You will then be able to search for a suitable mentor to approach through the system.

Need More Information?

When you engage with the ENT Mentor Match program, please let us know, we love to keep up with all the great mentor relationships the program facilitates. Or, if you are interested in acting as a mentor or becoming a mentee but you are unsure about expectations, or perhaps you are just curious for more information, please contact the ENT Mentorship Committee:

 James Cunningham (

April Franco (April.Franco@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca)

Andrew Nixon (

Kautsar Ramli (

Sheryl Smith (

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