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Search for studies on social cognitive factors in entrepreneurial career success


Alongside a team of colleagues, I am undertaking a meta-analysis of social cognitive factors in entrepreneurial career success. We are currently searching for studies that:

  1. Focus on business founders/owners of profit-making businesses (inclusive of social enterprises);
  2. Measure two or more of the following variables (each variable is broadly defined): entrepreneurial success, self-efficacy, goals, and outcome expectations.

If you know of such a study that we might not have readily found through traditional search methods (e.g., studies under development, non-published studies, studies in journals/venues/conferences that are not always obvious/accessible) please let us know within a month of this posting (October 13, 2021) by contacting Thanks in advance for your kind assistance!

--Alex Glosenberg
Assistant Professor
Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship
Loyola Marymount University