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Note from the Division Chair, Alain Fayolle

The ENT Division celebrated its 30th anniversary during the 2016 annual meeting in Anaheim. Proud of our roots, satisfied with all that we have accomplished, and motivated to build a vibrant future.

At our roots are a handful of “Young Turks”, visionary scholars who ploughed open our field.

The ENT Plenary Session organized by Cristina Guenther (Program Chair 2015-2016) and Hans Landstrom, Chair of the Historian Committee, was opened by a few words from Carlo Salvato and Anita McGahan.  Following this introduction, two ENT pioneers were interviewed, Karl Vesper and John A. Pearce II.

A panel of great rebels then shared their views with a large ENT audience. A few insights from these pirates:

Bill Gartner: “Ask bold research questions. Do not seek to comply, rebel against us.”

Barbara Bird: “The risk of the growth of entrepreneurship is becoming bureaucratic.”

Jerry Katz: “YOU can be the next ‘Young Turks’, YOU can forge the next steps of the Division.”

Finally there was a panel of scholars looking at the future of entrepreneurship.

Dimo Dimov, Dean Shepherd, Per Davidsson, Jennifer Woolley, and  Kim Eddleston

And, of course, there can be no birthday without birthday cake!

Carlo Salvato, Division Chair 2015-2016

For this event, the Historian Committee published “A History of the Entrepreneurship Division”, that you can access here.

But an anniversary, no matter how important, is simply a milestone. Our path continues, and in line with our mission to grow entrepreneurship scholars, the next steps include:  the 5-year review that we will do this year[1], important changes to the technologies that support our communication, our continued efforts to interact with and offer services to our members all year round, and ever increasing internationalization of our membership and activities.

Alain Fayolle, ENT Division Chair 2016-2017

[1] For this 5-year review, we will run a survey and each ENT Division member will receive on October 17 a message with a link to get access to the questionnaire and complete it. We are counting on your participation!