2019 Sustainability, Ethics & Entrepreneurship Conference Submission Deadline

Starts:  Oct 23, 2018 12:01 AM (ET)
Ends:  Oct 25, 2018 11:59 PM (ET)
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Call for Papers & Symposia Summaries, and Applications for the Junior Faculty & Doctoral Consortium

The 8th Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Research Conference

Miami, Florida; February 28th to March 3rd, 2019

(Junior Faculty & Doctoral Consortium: Feb 28- Mar 1, 2019; Conference: March 1-3, 2019)

Keynote Speaker: Tima Bansal, Ivey Business School Submission Deadline: October 24, 2018

The Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference attracts research on diverse topics including but not limited to social, environmental & sustainable entrepreneurship, ethics, firm-community ties, prosocial action, activism, impact investment, corporate responsibility, etc.

The goal of the conference is to advance SEE-related research and practice. Thus, sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship triangulate ecological consideration, social value creation, and economic opportunity. The conference showcases projects that examine interesting research questions related to each topic, but is most interested in studies at the intersection of these distinct, yet interconnected areas.

The SEE Conference has two parts: Paper Presentations & Symposia AND a Junior Faculty & Doctoral Consortium (JFDC).

1a) Paper Summary Submission Guidelines

We invite submissions of empirical research (including ethnographic and qualitative research) and theoretical contributions. We are particularly interested in radical, controversial, and “edgy” projects; novel, useful, and non- obvious research that challenges dogmas and is highly revelatory, even if not fully grounded in well-studied or well- validated theory. We encourage the submission of early stage work and provide a valuable forum within which to receive feedback on nascent and evolving research projects in important topics that may act as a precursor for a Special Issue in a premier journal.

Paper Summaries should not exceed two single-spaced pages and limited to 1,250 words (including 250 word abstracts) that address a broad array of subjects on SEE-related topics (e.g., social/environmental entrepreneurship, impact investments, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, sustainable supply chains, prosocial action, etc.). Those selected by a double-blind review process will present their research. See a sample of topics at the end of this document.

Submitting a Paper Summary signifies a commitment that at least one of the authors will participate in the conference if the abstract is accepted. Submitters affirm that the featured ideas are original and come from unpublished working papers.

1b) Symposium Submission Guidelines

Symposia are sessions, where 5-7 presenters discuss a common topic or theme. The symposia track is open to a wide range of theories, methods, applications, practice and teaching approaches. All symposia submissions will be single-blind peer reviewed, and the selected proposals will be featured between March 1-3, 2019.

All symposia must fit within a 75-minute session. Audience interaction during presentations is a hallmark of the SEE. Symposium submissions should include:
1. A title page with participants' contact information (name, affiliation, email, phone #);

2. The title page should include a written promise that ALL presenters will register and attend the 2019 SEE Conference should the symposium be accepted;

3. An abstract (up to 250-words);

4. An overview of the symposium (not to exceed 2 single- spaced pages) including: (i) a clear description of the topic(s) to be discussed and why the symposium is of interest to SEE participants; and (ii) a description of the session's format, organization, timing, and procedures used to manage the session among the presenters and with the audience;

5. Symposia involving multiple paper presentations mean that each paper should include a 250-word abstract (not including references). Tables and figures for each presentation can be included in an additional page.
Submissions Deadline: October 24, 2018

Authors should submit their summaries and/or symposia at:


Submissions Directors:

Amy Guerber: aguerber@mail.wtamu.edu Joe CooperJoseph.Cooper2@utoledo.edu

2) Junior Faculty & Doctoral Consortium (JFDC): Assistant Professors and Ph.D. students are invited to apply for the JFDC, which will feature a favorable ratio of senior scholars to participants. Journal editors and other mentors will facilitate the JFDC with paper development sessions, and other workshops. Funding: Pending approval, a stipend to JFDC participants will aim to offset some of the registration fee for the JFDC and/or registration fee for the academic conference.

JFDC Director: Rob Mitchell - Rob.Mitchell@colostate.edu 
JFDC Mentors:
Sophie Bacq – Northeastern University
Jonathan Doh – Villanova University
Matthew Grimes – University of Cambridge
Tim Hargrave – Central Washington University Patrick Kreiser – University of Wyoming
Tom Lumpkin – University of Oklahoma
Ron Mitchell - Texas Tech University
Jill Purdy – University of Washington
David Wasieleski – Duquesne University
Tyler Wry – Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

JFDC Submission Deadline: October 24, 2018

JFDC applicants should submit a full manuscript (up to 40 double-spaced pages) and a CV to: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/SEEC2019 

For more information visit http://seeconf.org/ or contact:

SEE Society Board of Directors:
Maritza Espina, EspinaMaritza@sau.edu 
Peter Gianiodis, gianiodisp@duq.edu 
Amy Guerber, aguerber@mail.wtamu.edu

SEE Conference Organizers:
Gideon Markman, Gideon.Markman@colostate.edu 
Mark Peterson, markpete@uwyo.edu
Tyge Payne, tyge.payne@ttu.edu
Matthew Grimes, m.grimes@jbs.cam.ac.uk
Tom Dean, Tom.Dean@colostate.edu
Carolee Rigsbee, crigs2@uis.edu


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