21st Nordic Conference on Small Business Research

Starts:  May 27, 2020 8:00 AM (CET)
Ends:  May 29, 2020 6:00 PM (CET)
Associated with  Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Since its inception in 1980 the NCSB conference has been a biannual event in the Nordic tradition characterized by an open atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas between researchers with research interests in the field of small business and entrepreneurship. The 2020 NCSB conference in Kolding, Denmark will continue this tradition and welcomes papers from all areas of the small business and entrepreneurship.

The conference will feature a mix of special theme tracks, general tracks and paper development tracks. Special theme tracks will focus on research themes that are central in Nordic research on small business and entrepreneurship:

  • Rural entrepreneurship

This special track will provide a forum to explore and discuss the status and future of research into rural entrepreneurship. The track will combine paper presentations with discussion and development formats.

Track chairs: Johan Gaddefors, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), johan.gaddefors@slu.se. Richard Ferguson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, richard.ferguson@slu.se. Josefina Jonsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, josefina.jonsson@slu.se. Hina Hashim, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, hina.hashim@slu.se. Steffen Korsgaard, University of Southern Denmark, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, stko@sam.sdu.dk.

  • Design, entrepreneurship & SMEs

Track chairs: Elena Raviola, University of Gothernburg, elena.raviola@gu.se. Astrid Heidemann Lassen, Aalborg University, ahl@mp.aau.dk.

  • Embeddedness and entrepreneurship

This special track focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship and embeddedness. It is well established that entrepreneurial processes are embedded in economic, social, institutional, cultural and spatial contexts and that being embedded can enable and constrain entrepreneurial activities. Yet, this research has hitherto largely deployed somewhat static and narrow conceptualisations of embeddedness and the processes involved in becoming embedded and disembedded. In this special track we will combine paper presentation and discussion formats to discuss existing research and explore new avenues of research for entrepreneurship and embeddedness.

Track chairs: Caroline Wigren-Kristofersen, Lund University, caroline.wigren@fek.lu.se. Jorunn Grande, Nord University Business School, jorunn.grande@nord.no. Ethel Brundin, Jönköping International Business School, ethel.brundin@ju.se. Gry Alsos, Nord University Business School, gry.a.alsos@nord.no. Karin Hellerstedt, Jönköping International Business School, karin.hellerstedt@ju.se. Elisabet Ljunggren, Nord University, elisabet.c.ljunggren@nord.no.

  • Public-Private Innovation

In this track we encourage papers inquiring into the role of entrepreneurship in various forms of Public-Private Innovation, including PP Partnerships, innovation procurement processes, co-creation, collaboration, etc.

Track chairs: Thomas Hoholm, BI Norwegian Business School, thomas.hoholm@bi.no. Tuija Mainela, University of Oulu, tuija.mainela@oulu.fi. Majbritt R. Evald, University of Southern Denmark, mre@sam.sdu.dk.

  • Women’s entrepreneurship

Track chairs: Ulla Hytti, Turku School of Economics, Ulla.Hytti@utu.fi. Helle Neergaard, Aarhus Univeristy, Helle.Neergaard@mgmt.au.dk. Karin Berglund, Stockholm University,  karin.berglund@sbs.su.se. Gry Agnete Alsos, Nord University, gry.a.alsos@nord.no.

General tracks will be divided into an entrepreneurship track and a SME track. Special theme tracks and general tracks will feature presentations of research papers followed by constructive feedback in plenary discussions. In the paper development tracks, participants are divided into groups in which all participants have read the assigned papers, and time will be distributed to group discussions on how to improve the paper. The paper development tracks will be of particular interest and value to young scholars. An experienced scholar will be assigned to each group.

Important dates

Submission of abstract (max. 900 words): 31 January, 2020

Notification of full papers: 17 February, 2020

Submission of full papers: 27 April, 2020

Conference registration and payment

Early registration: Before March 15, 2020
Latest registration: April 27, 2020

(only papers with at least one author registered by April 27 will be included in the program)


University of Southern Denmark, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management
Universitetsparken 1
Kolding, DK 6000