• Presenting the 2018 Award Winners

    Dear Entrepreneurship Division members:

    We presented awards to a fabulous set of ENT papers, dissertations, and scholars at the AOM 2018 conference this year. This allows us to recognize great work by our members. Our awards recognize excellence not only in research, but also in teaching, service and in the advancement of entrepreneurial practices. Below, please find a list of all awards given.  Congratulations to all of our award recipients!

    2018 ENT Award Winners

    Best Reviewer Awards

    These awards are based on scores from the authors whose papers were reviewed. We had a significant number of reviewers who were graduate students. Thank you to all these reviewers for their hard work in providing constructive and useful comments!

    • Yannick P. M. Bammens
    • Julia Katharina Binder
    • Wynand Bodewes
    • Illija Braun *
    • Per L. Bylund
    • Joseph L. Cabral *
    • Jitse Duijsters *
    • Linda F. Edelman
    • Ketan Madan Goswami *
    • Denis A. Gregoire
    • Christina Guenther
    • Heli Helanummi-Cole *
    • Josh Wei-Jun Hsueh
    • Andrew Jay Isaak *
    • Roland E. Kidwell
    • Philipp Kruse
    • Kevin A. Miceli
    • Alexandra Michel
    • Meyyappan Narayanan
    • Hugh O’Neill
    • Mark D. Packard
    • Carlo Salvato
    • Katharina Scheidgen *
    • Gary Shaheen
    • Anisa Shyti
    • Diane McMeekin Sullivan
    • Jana Thiel
    • Ruben Van Werven
    * Denotes Ph.D. Student

    For the program awards, the PDW chair selected a subset of papers which were nominated by program reviewers for the various awards. The 40-person research committee then selected winners using 5 criteria and overall ranking for robustness. Each manuscript was reviewed by at least 6 committee members.

    Best Empirical Paper Award sponsored by Coles College of Business/Kennesaw State University

    Laura Aline Bechthold (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition) & and Laura Rosendahl Huber (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition) for "Yes, I can! - A Field Experiment on Female Role Model Effects in Entrepreneurship."

    Best Conceptual Paper Award sponsored by Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

    Matthew Steven Wood (Baylor University) & Rene Bakker (Kelley School of Business/Indiana University) for "A Temporal View of Entrepreneurial Opportunities.”

    Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper Award by Batten Institute, Darden School

    Tamaki Onishi (University of North Carolina, Greensbro), Andrew Curtis Burkemper (Coker College), Evelyn Rita Micelotta (University of New Mexico), & William John Wales (University of Albany/SUNY) for "An Effectual Perspective on How Social Entrepreneurs Select, Combine, and Orchestrate Resources."

    Best Family Business Paper Award sponsored by Cox Family Enterprise Center, Kennesaw State University

    Zografia Bika (University of East Anglia), & Simy Joy (University of East Anglia & Center for Social Innovation, Michigan Tech) for "Family Business as a Longstanding Hybrid Organisation: Logic Revision as a Strategy for Maintenance."

    Next, we have awards based on prior research which is either foundational, impactful for entrepreneurship researchers, or important for practitioners, as well as the development of teaching materials.

    Foundational Paper Award

    This award honors a paper that has powerfully and positively changed the conversation in the field of entrepreneurship for at least a decade. A nominator noted that this year’s award winner “significantly changed the conversation in the field” by focusing on a “two-step process where entrepreneurs, first, identify an opportunity for someone (third-person opportunity) and evaluate if this opportunity is one that fits their own knowledge and motivations (first-person opportunity).” Each of the 16 nominated papers was evaluated by at least 5 reviewers.

    Jeffery S. McMullen (Indiana University) & Dean A. Shepherd (Notre Dame University) for "Entrepreneurial Action and the Role of Uncertainty in the Theory of the Entrepreneur" published in 2006 in Academy of Management Review.

    Greif Research Impact Award sponsored by Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, University of Southern California

    This award honors the most impactful entrepreneurship paper published in 2012. The award winner is determined using an impact criteria by the Greif Center.

    Jim Chrisman (Mississippi State University), Jess Chua (University of Calgary), Allison Pearson (Mississippi State University) & Tim Barnett (Mississippi State University) for "Family Involvement, Family Influence, and Family-Centered Non-Economic Goals in Small Firms" published in 2012 in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 

    Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award sponsored by McGraw-Hill

    This award recognizes excellence in the area of instruction. There were 12 nominations and nine committee members reviewed each nomination before determining the winner.

    Abby Fifer Mandell (University of Southern California) for “Social Innovation Design Lab”

    Practice of Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Small Giants Community

    An important part of our work as scholars is staying connected with people involved in the practice of entrepreneurship. Consistent with this aim, this award recognizes published work that has been especially effective at advancing the practice of entrepreneurship. There were several nominations for this award and each was evaluated by 7 reviewers.

    Richard Harrison (University of Edinburgh) & Colin Mason (University of Glasgow) for "Stimulating the Supply of and Demand for Business Angel Finance in the UK Since 1991.”

    There are two dissertation awards given by our division. This year we had a total of 24 nominated dissertations for these two awards. At least six reviewers reviewed each dissertation.

    Heizer Dissertation Award sponsored by the Heizer Corporation and Heizer family

    This award was established in 1976 by Ned Heizer, Jr. and is the oldest dissertation award within the Academy. It recognized research in the area of new enterprise development.

    Marius Tuft Mathisen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) for his dissertation titled " The Growth of Research-Based Spin-offs: Unleashing the Value of Academic Entrepreneurship."

    NFIB Best Doctoral Dissertation sponsored by the National Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation

    This award is sponsored by the National Federation of Independent Business Foundation and recognizes research in the areas of entrepreneurship and independent business.

    Steven M. Gray (University of Texas/McCombs School of Business) for his dissertation titled "Exploring Functional Homophily in New Venture Team Formation."

    Mentor Award

    This award recognizes extraordinary contributions in the area of mentoring. Just to give a bit a background, there were four reviewers adjudicated this award. There were more than 15 letters of support for the award winner. The letter writers mentioned that the award winner’s “legacy lies well beyond his academic accomplishments and professional service: it lies in his transformative mentoring of dozens of entrepreneurship scholars and students.” One letter writer focused on the four important characteristics that the award winner embodies: “exceptional generosity and selflessness; inspirational role modeling; nurturing professional and personal development; and dedicated commitments.”

    This year’s winner is Tom Lumpkin (Price College of Business/University of Oklahoma)

    Emerging Scholar Awards sponsored by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

    This award is new and supports our emerging scholars whose record of research demonstrates the potential to make innovative and impactful contributions to the body of entrepreneurship research. A 40-person research committee selected the three winners. There were seven reviews for each nomination.

    • Greg Fisher (Indiana University)
    • Matthew Grimes (Indiana University)
    • Laura Huang (Harvard Business School)
    Congratulations to all of our winners!

    April Franco
    ENT Awards Chair