• Entrepreneurship Division 2021 Elections

    (posted on behalf of @Dawn DeTienne, Past Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division and Chair of the ENT Nominations Committee)

    Important Notice! Of the topics I have written about the last couple of years, this might be the most important!  The 2021 elections are an opportunity for you to have an impact on not only the ENT Division, but also the greater Academy.  As the immediate Past Division Chair, I have the distinct honor to work with the ENT Nomination Committee to oversee the Division’s upcoming elections.  Whether you engage in this process by nominating yourself (or others) or whether you make a point to cast your vote, your input is needed and welcomed! 

    Each election cycle we elect the next executive leader of the Division (PDW Chair) and new Representatives-at-Large (RALs). These positions are central to the continued success and growth of the ENT Division. Our elected officials will help shape the ENT Division over the next few years and bring their time, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to enhance the vibrancy, professionalism, and friendliness of the Division.

    There will be two steps in the election process.  Please watch for emails (with links) or reach out to me with questions.  The email will be coming from AOM Headquarters.   

    STEP 1 – NOMINATIONS: February 1, 2021 – February 26, 2021

    Beginning February 1 all Division members will be able to nominate (or self-nominate) members for the open positions of PDW Chair and the four Representatives-at-Large positions. Once the Nomination Committee has reviewed all the Division’s nominees for these positions, we will work diligently to finalize the slate of candidates for election.

    STEP 2 – ELECTIONS: April 15, 2021 – May 14, 2021

    Beginning April 15, the Elections website will open to all ENT members, and this is your opportunity to be part of this important election process by voting for your preferred candidates. The voting process will end on May 14. By voting, you ensure that the elected officers will represent the preferences of our members.

    I look forward to your participation in this election process. In late May, we will notify everyone of the results.  Please contact me with any questions.