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Webinar: Generative AI, LLMs and the Future of Management Research

  • 1.  Webinar: Generative AI, LLMs and the Future of Management Research

    Posted 30 days ago


    • Eva Boxenbaum  (Copenhagen Business School)
    • Teppo Felin  (Utah State University)
    • Matthew Grimes  (Cambridge Judge Business School)
    • Christine Moser  (VU Amsterdam)
    • Christopher Wickert  (VU Amsterdam)


    Time: Wednesday, 26 June at 10 pm (EST) / 3 pm (London). This webinar is scheduled for 2 hours.


    Registration: Please register using this link to receive a personalized Zoom link and a reminder.


    Large language models (LLMs) increasingly impact scientific research and scholarly work. As advanced AI systems capable of mimicking elements of human reasoning, LLMs may automate, augment or reconfigure many of the data analysis, theorizing and writing processes now done by humans. In this context, this expert panel, which consists of editors of leading journals and recognized thought experts on AI, will shed light on the likely scenarios of the use of LLMs for scholarly work and research in the management and organizational domain. The experts will discuss the value of the technology for research and scholarship in this domain; the challenges and trade-offs that are involved in ensuring that the technology is used ethically and transparently, and what guardrails they see as important for the community, balanced against the strength of the knowledge domain and the interests of its scholarly community.


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    Ibrat Djabbarov
    Imperial College London