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SMS24 - Istanbul - PDW Corporate-Startup Collaboration

  • 1.  SMS24 - Istanbul - PDW Corporate-Startup Collaboration

    Posted 20 days ago

    Corporate-Startup Collaboration PDW

    LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FFXL32L

    Application Required: Deadline August 30, 2024

    Contemporary strategy research on corporate-startup collaboration has investigated a plethora of different relationship types, such as corporate venture capital investments, spinoffs, corporate accelerators/incubators, and startup M&A. Despite the accumulation of insights, the body of literature in this field is rather fragmented and continuously developing as corporates as well as startups are finding new ways in which to interact and to jointly develop products and services. In this session, panelists will discuss the latest insights on corporate-startup collaboration to give an overview of the evolving field. After the panel, attendants are receiving feedback on submitted manuscripts in a roundtable setting from eminent scholars in the field as well as from their peers. Taken together, both parts of the PDW should arm attendants with new insights about the field and an extended network with which they can discuss such topics.

    Participants are selected based on a short paper/proposal (SMS submission format) submission which is evaluated on fit and originality of the idea. Papers at all stages of development are welcome!

    For questions: Please reach out to Chris Sabel (sabel@rsm.nl)

    Sponsoring IGs: Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Knowledge & Innovation

    PDW organizers: Annamaria Conti (annamaria.conti@ie.edu), Chris Sabel (sabel@rsm.nl

    PDW Panelists: 

    • Francesco Di Lorenzo (Copenhagen Business School)
    • Markku Maula (Aalto University)
    • Anu Wadhwa (Imperial College) 

    Christopher Sabel
    Assistant Professor
    Rotterdam School of Management