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Request for papers on organizational speed

  • 1.  Request for papers on organizational speed

    Posted 06-08-2024 20:17

    Dear Colleagues,

    My coauthors and I are conducting a meta-analysis on the relationship between organizational speed and firm performance. We would greatly appreciate your help in locating unpublished manuscripts (e.g., in press articles, working papers, conference papers) and book chapters to include in this effort. To be included in the meta-analysis, studies need to report the correlation of organizational speed (e.g., decision speed, implementation speed, response speed, etc.) and firm performance (return on assets, CAR, Tobin's q, sales growth, project success, etc.). If you have unpublished research that meets these criteria, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send us your study for inclusion in our meta-analysis - we guarantee proper citation. If a full paper is not available, we would be happy to receive information on correlation coefficients and sample size and/or to send you a short questionnaire to capture the relevant details of your study. Please contact Kalin Kolev at kalin.kolev@marquette.edu by July 2nd.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Kalin D. Kolev, PhD

    Associate Professor of Management
    Associate Editor, Journal of Business Research

    Marquette University

    Email: kalin.kolev@marquette.edu

    Kalin Kolev
    Marquette University
    Milwaukee WI
    (414) 288-3365