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QCA Workshop at AOM (Friday, Aug 9, 2024, 08:00 – 10:30), incl. information on Part 3!

  • 1.  QCA Workshop at AOM (Friday, Aug 9, 2024, 08:00 – 10:30), incl. information on Part 3!

    Posted 06-18-2024 19:52

    Join us for the Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) on Friday, Aug 9 2024, 8-10.30 am at Swissotel: Zurich D in Chicago!

    Dear colleagues,

    We would like to draw your attention to the following PDW at the Academy of Management Meeting 2024: QUALITATIVE COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS (QCA): A SET-ANALYTIC APPROACH TO STUDYING CONFIGURATIONS

    Part 1-3

    The PDW includes 3 Parts. If you have no or only a little knowledge of, and experience with, QCA you can join us during Part 1 to learn the basic “nuts and bolts” of QCA and configurational logic and understand if this might be the right tool for your research project. If you are also interested in current methodological issues and advances in QCA, join us during Part 2! For those who’d like to get feedback on one of your ongoing QCA research papers, join us for Part 3!


    If you’re joining us for Part 1 and Part 2, you do not need to register (PDW is open to all conference attendees). If you’d like to participate in Part 3, please submit an extended abstract of 1,500-2,000 words to Johannes.meuer@klu.org by 26 July 2024. In your abstract, please summarize your study’s topical area, theoretical background, research gap, and question, and include details about the data, analytical strategy (for empirical papers), and preliminary results. Please indicate your target journal and add a few questions you would like the reviewers to address. A panel of QCA experts will review all submissions and evaluate their fit with the PDW according to the clarity of purpose, methodological rigor, and innovative character of the research. We will inform you shortly, by 2 August 2024, about your opportunities to participate in Part 3.

    Reading list

    We offer a list of recommended pre-readings and QCA resources along with the PDW. If you’d like to receive the list of recommended pre-readings and resources get in touch with Johannes (johannes.meuer@klu.org).

    Conveners & Facilitators:

    Ruth Aguilera, Northeastern University, r.aguilera@northeastern.edu

    Joanna T. Campbell, University of Cincinnati, joanna.campbell@uc.edu

    Donal Crilly, London Business School, dcrilly@london.edu

    Peer C. Fiss, University of Southern California, fiss@marshall.usc.edu

    Santi Furnari, City University London, Santi.Furnari.1@city.ac.uk

    Thomas Greckhamer, Louisiana State University, tgreck@lsu.edu

    Rodney Lacey, Arizona State University, Rodney.Lacey@asu.edu

    Johannes Meuer, KLU Hamburg, johannes.meuer@klu.org

    Vilmos F. Misangyi, The Pennsylvania State University, vfm10@psu.edu

    Best wishes,


    Johannes Meuer