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Pre-registration for AoM PDW on History and Management

  • 1.  Pre-registration for AoM PDW on History and Management

    Posted 06-10-2024 22:57

    Subject: AOM PDW on History and Management

    We are pleased to invite you to a Professional Development Workshop (sponsored by OMT, MH, STR, and ENT Divisions) focused on the historical consciousness of management and organizations. The workshop will feature established and junior scholars who have demonstrated significant interest and/or contributed significantly to research on management and organizations that incorporates history in some way.

    Event Details

    • Date/Time: Saturday, Aug 10 2024, 4:00PM - 7:00PM CST (UTC-5)
    • Location: Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park (Gold Room)
    • Format: Panel presentations and roundtable discussions are open to all AOM 2024 attendees, although we welcome and strongly encourage "pre-registration."
    • Presentation/discussion: Roy Suddaby, Tal Simons, Vibha Gaba, Brian Silverman, Gino Cattani, David Kirsch, Christof Brandtner, Trevor Israelsen, Kunyuan Qiao

    How to "Pre-Register"

    We recommend that interested participants pre-register for the workshop by sending an email to managementhistorical@gmail.com. Registration emails should include the participant's name, affiliation, current position (e.g., student, assistant professor), and a brief statement of research interest or specific issues related to the workshop that they wish to share and discuss.

    • Deadline: July 15, 2024
    • Pre-Registration: Recommended but not compulsory. Non-registered attendees are welcome to join the panel presentations and participate in the roundtable discussions.
    • What to submit: Please use "First_Name Last_Name Affiliation Current_Position PDW" as the email title. We welcome you to send in the main email text anything you are interested in discussing and sharing with the roundtable discussants, for example:

    o   A brief statement with several sentences

    o   An abstract

    o   A one or two-pager

    o   Even a full paper

    Workshop Schedule

    Introductory Remarks                                                                     5 min

    I. Panel Presentations

    Presentations (8 panelists)                                                            80 min

    ·       A panel of scholars will discuss recent research trends and promising new directions for how history may inform organization theory, strategic management, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management, and more.

    ·       Panelists: Tal Simons, Vibha Gaba, Brian Silverman, Gino Cattani, David Kirsch, Christof Brandtner, Trevor Israelsen, Kunyuan Qiao

    Discussion by Roy Suddaby                                                                                       10 min

    Brief Q&A session                                                                       15 min

    Break                                                                                            10 min

    II. Interactive Discussion

    Roundtable Session to identify questions for future research      40 min

    ·       Participants will be split into nine roundtables moderated by the panelists and our discussant. These discussions aim to identify emerging research directions and opportunities in historical research on management and organizations. Participants will receive feedback from leading scholars and fellow participants on new research ideas or issues faced in current projects.

    Final Q&A and discussion                                                           20 min

    Total time                                                                                   3 hours

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Chris Marquis, Roy Suddaby, Trevor Israelsen, and Kunyuan Qiao
    PDW Organizers
    2024 Academy of Management Meeting

    Trevor Israelsen
    The Pennsylvania State University
    State College PA