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PDW - Sign up for the Best Survey Methods PDW

  • 1.  PDW - Sign up for the Best Survey Methods PDW

    Posted 05-23-2022 16:26

     Title: Survey Methods PDW: Designing Surveys to Collect Individual and Firm Level Data.

    Location: In-person at AOM 2022 in Seattle

    Time: Sunday August 7th, from 1:15 to 3:15 PM PT

    Description:  We would like to encourage you to sign up for possibly the best survey methods PDW. The intention is to enhance participant’s understanding of how and when to use survey methods to answer important questions in the field of Strategic Management, or the related fields of entrepreneurship and technology management. The session aims to educate participants concerning when survey methods should be used and how to gather firm and individual level data in a manner that allows for statistical inference and hypothesis testing. The PDW advances the argument that survey methods can provide unique, primary datasets that offer several advantages over secondary datasets (i.e., government surveys, data scraped from the web). These include establishing novel facts and elucidating new mechanisms. Moreover, in- so-far-as these new facts and mechanisms are not explained by existing theories; survey methods also provide an important avenue for theory development and testing. Developing a careful and reliable survey is not easy, however, and so this PDW highlights several of the potential pitfalls in survey work and how to avoid them. Finally, the PDW provides interactive elements to assist participants in uncovering the extent to which survey methods can be used to further their research stream, and provide answers to specific methodological questions

    PDW Format:

    Part 1 – 80 minutes: Presentations from Survey Experts - All are welcome to attend the first 80 minutes of the PDW. Presenters include Wes Cohen, Victor Bennett, Daniela Scur, and Mike Roach

    Part 2 – 40 minutes: Small Group Discussion – Those who preregister will be sorted into small groups to ask questions about their specific survey/research to one of the presenters. If you would like to attend the small group discussion portion of the PDW, please fill out this form ( https://forms.gle/EKcMxmFsPAHyYn3B7 ) to preregister before July 29, 2022. For consideration, fill out the form by submitting 1 or 2 questions about survey methods or about your own specific survey that you would like answered by an expert. We plan to have up to 15-20 participants in the small group discussion and will give priority to those who (1) sign up first, (2) are earlier in their careers, and/or (3) submit good questions.

    Please email Ben King at bck8@illinois.edu with any questions.

     Organizers: Ben King - U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Evan Starr - U. of Maryland, College Park

    Presenters: Wesley Cohen - Duke U., Victor Bennett - U. of Utah, Michael Roach - Duke U., Daniela Scur - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Benjamin King
    University of Maryland
    College Park MD
    (801) 472-6246