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Organizational Stigma Research - Call for PDW Participants

  • 1.  Organizational Stigma Research - Call for PDW Participants

    Posted 05-16-2023 20:00
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    Expanding the Tainted Tent: Bringing New Perspectives and Theory to Organizational Stigma Research

    Professional Development Workshop

    2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting

    4-8 August 2023 in Boston, MA, USA

    We are excited to announce the continuation of the Professional Development Workshop focused on stigma research at the Academy of Management Meeting sponsored by the Organization and Management Theory division. This PDW aims to continue our successful PDWs on organizational stigma at the AOM meetings. Building on our previous PDWs, we aim to encourage theoretically and methodologically consistent research on stigma as well as identify opportunities for future research efforts.This year's PDW consists of three parts:

    1. An introduction that defines the topic and theme of "Expanding the Tainted Tent"

    2. Presentations and discussions by distinguished speakers – Alessandro Piazza, Grace Augustine, and Thomas Roulet – on bringing new perspectives and theory to organizational stigma research. The discussion will conclude with an open discussion amongst all workshop facilitators.

    3. Thematic roundtables, each facilitated by well-known scholars, which will also focus upon "challenges" that researchers are experiencing in positioning, conceptualizing, and publishing their work. Participants need to submit a 1-2-page document with an abstract of a project and a challenge statement that outlines which issue(s) they would like to discuss at the roundtables.


    • 4-8 August 2023 (exact date/time will be updated when set)

    • In-person in Boston, MA, USA

    More information on AOM 2023 can be found here: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting

    *The feature presentations/discussions are open to anyone attending AOM 2023, but the roundtables will be limited to those that have applied with submissions and been accepted.

    Speakers* and Facilitators:

    • Alessandro Piazza, Rice University*

    • Bryant Hudson, IESEG School of Management

    • Christian Hampel, Imperial College London

    • Cynthia Devers, Virginia Tech

    • Evelyn Micelotta, University of Ottawa

    • Gerardo Okhuysen, University of California, Irvine

    • Grace Augustine, University of Bath*

    • Jo-Ellen Pozner, Santa Clara University

    • Madeline Toubiana, University of Ottawa

    • Marvin Washington, University of Alberta

    • Milo Wang, Arizona State University

    • Olga Khessina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    • Paul Tracey, University of Cambridge

    • Rongrong Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

    • Thomas Roulet, University of Cambridge*

    • Trish Ruebottom, McMaster University

    • Yuri Mishina, Imperial College London


    • Part 1 - Introduction to the PDW and topic of expanding the tainted tent - 5 Min

    • Part 2 - Presentations/Discussion ft. Alessandro Piazza, Grace Augustine, and Thomas Roulet - 55 Min

    • Part 3 - Roundtables/Breakout sessions with expert facilitators (open to participants with pre-accepted submissions only) - 60 Min

    Apply now 

    Applications to participate in research development roundtables are now open. If you're interested in participating, please submit a short (1-2 page) document with an abstract of a research project and a challenge statement that outlines which issue(s) you would like to discuss in the round table session. Your statement will be shared with the facilitator and participants at your assigned table. Please send statements to: aomstigma@gmail.com 

    The deadline to apply is 5 July, 2023  but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We have a limited number of spots available, so we encourage you to apply early. A waitlist will be maintained. Any updates to this call for applications will appear here: https://bit.ly/41apldb 

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Kam Phung, Jordyn Hrenyk, Wesley Helms, and Karen Patterson

    Organizers, Stigma Professional Development Workshop

    2023 Academy of Management Meeting

    Jordyn Hrenyk
    PhD Candidate 
    Beedie School of Business
    Simon Fraser University
    Vancouver, BC 

    Jordyn Hrenyk
    Vancouver BC