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AOM Boston PDW: Studying Emotion in Strategy Research

  • 1.  AOM Boston PDW: Studying Emotion in Strategy Research

    Posted 05-24-2023 11:33

    Are you studying, or interested in, emotion in strategy research? If so, you should attend our PDW at AOM 2023 in Boston!

    Emotion plays a significant role in strategy. However, researchers face several challenges when studying and publishing work on emotion and strategy.  What are the most useful ways to conceptualize emotion in strategic decision-making?  How can researchers use qualitative and/or quantitative methods to capture and analyse emotion in strategy?  How can scholars convince reviewers and editors of their claims regarding the nature and influence of emotion in strategy?  This 2-part PDW seeks to help participants-in particular, PhDs and early-career researchers-answer these and other questions concerning the role of emotion in strategy and how to publish their work pertaining to this topic.

    Part 1: Panel Discussion and Q&A – all welcome without registration!


    Panellists: Chris Golding and Mark P. Healey (U. of Manchester, Panel Co-Chairs), Gerard P. Hodgkinson (U. of Manchester), Timo Vuori (Aalto U.), Daniella Laureiro-Martinez (ETH Zurich), Ryan Raffaelli (Harvard)

    • Theorizing emotion in strategy research: An overview of models and theories, and their relevance to strategy
    • Benefits and challenges of studying emotion in strategy qualitatively
    • Measuring emotion in strategy: Quantitative approaches
    • Publishing papers on emotion in strategy: Tips for writing and navigating the review process

    Part 2: Receive feedback on a paper or idea from panellists – registration required


    Do you have a paper or idea relating to emotion in strategy research that you would like some feedback on, or help refining? If so, you should apply for Part 2 of our PDW!

    Each panellist will host roundtables of up to 6 participants, and provide in-depth, one-to-one feedback on your paper/idea. You will also receive feedback from other members of the roundtable. We hope that this part of the PDW will not only allow you to gain valuable feedback, but also provide an opportunity to develop your scholarly network.

    To apply for Part 2, please send the following to christopher.golding@manchester.ac.uk before the 30th June deadline:

    1. Cover statement:
      • Who you are (Institution, Role)
      • The one big question you want help with (max. 250 words)
    2. Extended abstract/research proposal – Maximum 2 pages A4

    Successful applicants will be informed in early July. Priority will be given to PhD students and ECRs.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dr Chris Golding (christopher.golding@manchester.ac.uk).

    See you in Boston!

    Chris Golding, Mark Healey, Gerard Hodgkinson, Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, Ryan Raffaelli and Timo Vuori

    Mark Healey
    Professor of Strategic Management
    Head of Innovation Policy and Management Division
    Alliance Manchester Business School
    University of Manchester, UK