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sharing the results of the inquiry into how entrepreneurship journals are evaluated

  • 1.  sharing the results of the inquiry into how entrepreneurship journals are evaluated

    Posted 09-13-2018 12:55
    Edited by Jeffrey Pollack 10-12-2018 08:42
    The text below, and the 2 attachments, are shared on behalf of Johan Wiklund & Jeff McMullen:


    September 13, 2018 

    To everyone who responded to our inquiry into how entrepreneurship journals are evaluated at your university, thank you for your response. We are keeping the list alive, i.e., we will update it as appropriate. Therefore, if you find errors in the information reported for your university, please provide the corrected information, and we will update it accordingly. Also, if you did not respond but have information for your institution, please send it to etp@syr.edu and it will be added.

    We hope that by generating and distributing this list, we are beginning a larger conversation about the standing and recognition of entrepreneurship journals, not ending it.

    There are two main reasons why we believe the time is right to view the leading entrepreneurship journals unequivocally as 'A' journals:

        The entrepreneurship discipline is now so large with so many scholars that it must be possible to build a career based on publishing within the discipline. Anything else seems at odds with scientific principles.

        Based on objective statistics, the standing of the entrepreneurship journals warrant being viewed as 'A' journals. This includes the journal statistics reported by the two main providers Clarivate (e.g., 2- year IF, 5-year IF, eigenfactor) and Google (h-factor)--see attached cover letter for details. Many are not aware of how well our entrepreneurship journals perform relative to other journals, which can lead to unfair bias.
 It is our hope that members of our field can use this information in their attempts to convince their colleagues and deans that (some) entrepreneurship journals should be considered 'A' journals and included as such on the journal lists used to evaluate promotion and tenure cases, productivity assessments, and the like.



    Jeffery S. McMullen, PhD, MBA, CPA 

    Dale M. Coleman Chair in Entrepreneurship 

    Editor in Chief,
 Journal of Business Venturing

    Kelley School of Business

Indiana University


    Johan Wiklund, PhD

    The Al Berg Chair in Entrepreneurship 

 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 

    Whitman School of Management 

    Syracuse University