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RENT XXXIII Conference, Berlin, Germany - November 27-29, 2019: Submission deadline for extended abstracts is May 15!

  • 1.  RENT XXXIII Conference, Berlin, Germany - November 27-29, 2019: Submission deadline for extended abstracts is May 15!

    Posted 05-12-2019 15:02

    Berlin, Germany - November (27) 28-29, 2019

    "Embracing Uncertainty: Entrepreneurship as a Key Capability for the 21st Century"

    Conference venue (Nov 28+29): Seminaris Hotel, Takustraße 39, 14195 Berlin

    Pre-conference venue (Nov 27): ESCP Europe, Heubnerweg 8-10, 10245 Berlin


    René Mauer
    , Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation &
    Yi Jiang,
    Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship
    (Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship, ESCP Europe)



    Saras Sarasvathy is the Paul M. Hammaker Professor in Business Administration at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, and the Jamuna Raghavan Chair Professor in Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

    Gerd Gigerenzer is psychologist, the director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute of Human Development in Berlin, and author of many books (e.g. "Risk Savvy").




    Media, strategy gurus and management trainers are proclaiming readiness for the VUCA world, in which we better know how to differentiate between Volatility, Unpredictability, Complexity and Ambiguity. The acronym, stemming from the military sector, captures our lack of orientation at the beginning of the new millennium and challenges us to develop knowledge about tackling the uncertainty in our world.

    Entrepreneurship offers unique insights for engaging with uncertainty. In entrepreneurship and innovation practice, we are now facing the constant beating of the digital transformation drum, while in entrepreneurship research more and more contributions are putting an emphasis on uncertainty. Several entrepreneurial approaches (e.g. effectuation, bricolage, improvisation, impulsive behavior) have recently been identified as ground breaking models of our field, coupled with different tools (e.g. business modeling, lean start up, design thinking) and various empirical contexts (e.g. high-growth, sustainable, or newcomer entrepreneurship).


    Some of these advances are triggering fierce debates, in the entrepreneurship community, but also in the broader management literature. With its empirical and conceptual advances, entrepreneurship research has created a momentum that allows developing from a mere phenomenon to a stand-alone field with its own theoretical backbone. Join us at RENT 2019 and at ESCP Europe Berlin in advancing the field of entrepreneurship by discussing and challenging uncertainty as a cornerstone of a proprietary entrepreneurship theory.



    Quantitative, qualitative and conceptual papers are welcome for the following theme tracks:


    1. CONFERENCE THEME: Uncertainty and entrepreneurship

    11. Minority entrepreneurship

    2. SPECIAL ISSUE THEME: Concepts & facets of entrepreneurial diversity

    12. Gender and copreneurship

    3. Opportunity generation and early business development

    13. Technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurship

    4. Business models (growth, performance and internationalization)

    14. Family business, succession and business transfer

    5. Entrepreneurial finance for new and growing businesses

    15. Culture and community

    6. Human capital, social capital, and relational networks

    16. Social entrepreneurship

    7. Entrepreneurship education, learning, and knowledge dissemination

    17. Green and sustainable entrepreneurship

    8. Policy, support systems and infrastructure

    18. Corporate / intrapreneurship and strategizing

    9. Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship

    19. Creative and artisan industries

    10. Methodological challenges and research methods

    20. Rural enterprise, regional development and tourism



    Special issue theme: Papers submitted and accepted for the track „Concepts and Facets of Entrepreneurial Diversity" will be given developmental feedback for a voluntary subsequent submission to a special issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing edited by Kerstin Ettl, Siegrun Brink, Silke Tegtmeier and Monder Ram (submissions to IJEV: 1 November - 31 December, 2019): http://www.inderscience.com/info/ingeneral/cfp.php?id=4481



    RENT XXXIII submission deadline is May 15, 2019. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed using a double-blind review process. The RENT Scientific Committee and a number of well-known researchers will be involved in the process. Two awards will be distributed (J.M.Veciana Award for a Young Researcher & ISBJ Award for Challenging Conventional Wisdom). Visit www.rent-research.org/rent-2019 for more information.




    Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) have been part of the RENT pre-conference day program since 2015. PDWs are workshops to share knowledge and expertise and foster practical, professional and intellectual skills of participants. PDWs need to have a clear theme and target group as well as deliver a high level of learning and give the participants some clear 'take-aways'. Any topic will be considered, however, we have a limited opportunity due to facility restrictions. There is not set structure for the proposals but please clarify the importance of the workshop theme, the format you will use, the target audience and the takeaways from the workshop. Deadline for proposal of PDWs: 1st June 2019 by e-mail to Mirela Xheneti (m.xheneti@sussex.ac.uk).



    If you like to make the most out of your Berlin trip to RENT in November, you may want to consider submitting also a paper or extended abstract to the Effectuation Conference (Nov 24-26), planned now as a another pre-conference to this year's RENT conference and also hosted by ESCP Europe. All information can be found at:  www.effectuationconference2019.escpeurope.de. The deadline for submissions is also May 15.


    For more pre-conference activities please visit the conference website: www.rent-research.org/rent-2019




    See you in Berlin!



    ECSB - European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship


    c/o University of Turku, School of Economics

    Rehtorinpellonkatu 3

    20500 Turku


    e-mail: info@ecsb.org

    internet: www.ecsb.org





    Silke Tegtmeier
    PhD, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

    University of Southern Denmark

    SDU Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    The Mads Clausen Institute

    President of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship