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Fillable Templates for Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and Business Model Canvases for for-profit and social organizations

  • 1.  Fillable Templates for Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and Business Model Canvases for for-profit and social organizations

    Posted 04-06-2021 19:28

    Over the years I was looking for a way to add an actionable step-up from chapters on feasibility studies or business plans – literally something that could help students start putting things down on their studies/plans. I also wanted it to be free, so it was more widely available to everyone. What I settled on was creating a set of templates for feasibility studies (based on the old SBDC/FastTrac outline which we build from in my text Entrepreneurial Small Business) and business plans (which is based on an amalgamation of several models I've liked from national competitions, local accelerators, and the angel groups I've worked with).

    The templates are designed with the sections laid out and the initially filled-in with the instructions on how to complete each section). Students replace my material with what they craft. The instructions are taken from my text, but are written in generally accessible language so the templates are useful regardless of the text (or non-text) you're using. If you are using my text, you'll also see links to the text's skill modules, but again most people instruct students on these sorts of entrepreneurial skills (building funnels or value propositions, finding industry measures, etc.) in their own way. In fact, reorganizing my templates to fit your own personal approach is absolutely something I am fine with. Edit away – I'm used to it!

    I've created the templates for for-profit businesses and also created a set for social ventures/non-profit organizations. Each set consists of a business model canvas, a feasibility study, and a business plan. The canvases are in Google Draw, so you'll need to log into your Google account to open them up. I'm making all of the documents available below, through my website eweb (https://sites.google.com/a/slu.edu/eweb/class-resources/esb-material), and my ResearchGate page.


    For For-Profit Businesses



    https://bit.ly/ESB-Canvas (you'll need a Google account to open this one)


    For Social Ventures & Nonprofits



    https://bit.ly/ESB-canvas-social-venture (you'll need a Google account to open this one)


    If you go to my eweb website (eweb.slu.edu) take a look around. It contains what is probably the most definitive list of entrepreneurship journals (185 at this moment) and a probably less-complete list of doctoral programs in entrepreneurship. If you have corrections or additions for any of my pages or templates, please let me know at jerome.katz@slu.edu.

    Jerome A. (Jerry) Katz
    Robert H. Brockhaus Chair of Entrepreneurship
    Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business
    Saint Louis University
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    Jerome Katz
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