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Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary & Experiential Entrepreneurship Education

  • 1.  Call for Papers: Interdisciplinary & Experiential Entrepreneurship Education

    Posted 08-04-2019 09:44

    Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EE&P)



    "Interdisciplinary & Experiential Entrepreneurship Education"



    Special Issue Editors:


    Julienne Shields, Millikin University

    Christoph Winkler, Iona College (cwinkler@iona.edu)

    Doan Winkel, John Carroll University

    Lee Zane, Rowan University

    Donna Levin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Dennis Barber III, East Carolina University





    In conjunction with the theme of the 2020 Conference of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) in New Orleans, LA (January 3-7, 2020), this call encourages submissions that examine, explore, and advance our understanding and best practices within the growing field of interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education. The call is not bound to any particular definition or level of interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education, and we invite scholars from a variety of fields to respond to this call by submitting their work to USASBE's journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EE&P) within one of the following three areas (tracks):


    1. Groundbreaking theoretical, empirical and applied research
    2. Innovative and impactful experiential learning innovations
    3. Interdisciplinary teaching cases


    In order to be considered for this special issue, authors are required to:


    1. Submit their work to the 2020 USASBE Conference in New Orleans, LA (January 3-7, 2020) by September 10, 2019 via https://www.usasbe.org/general/custom.asp?page=2020Conference

      Important: Submissions to Program Tracks, Emerging Teaching Exercises and Emerging Research Papers will not be considered for the special issue.

    2. If accepted to the conference, submit their manuscript to Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy (EE&P) according to its submission guidelines by December 1, 2019 via EE&P's online submission system https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/eex/ 


    1. Agree to have at least one author attend USASBE 2020 in New Orleans, LA (January 3-7, 2020) to


      1. present their paper as part of the official conference program, and
      2. meet with the special issue guest editors and EE&P editors for additional input and feedback during a dedicated special issue session.

    Following the conference, papers considered for the special issue will enter EE&P's peer review process, and authors should receive first round review decisions by February 15, 2020.


    It is our goal to finalize the peer-review process and notify authors of final acceptance decisions by July 1, 2020. We anticipate publishing the special issue in October 2020.


    For additional information or questions regarding this special issue, please contact EE&P Interim Executive Editor Christoph Winkler at cwinkler@iona.edu 



    About EE&P:


    Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy (EE&P) is USASBE's peer reviewed opportunity for entrepreneurship educators to both publish their scholarship and showcase their practice. EE&P aims to provide a forum for the dissemination of research, teaching cases, and learning innovations focused on educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Conventional research relating to entrepreneurship pedagogy is welcome, as is work that challenges convention. EE&P welcomes work related to entrepreneurship education, broadly defined, from any discipline and at any educational level. 

    EE&P's editorial team is committed to ensuring research published in the journal is meaningful and impactful, and will use a developmental approach to work with authors throughout the review process so that they may communicate their ideas and insights to others in the most impactful manor. While EE&P's target audience are primarily university educators engaged in researching and teaching entrepreneurs, our broader audience includes educators from all disciplines, as well as administrators, consultants, trainers, K-12 teachers, and policy makers. 

    EE&P publishes multiple types of peer-reviewed content:

    1. Research Articles (4,000 – 6,000 words): qualitative and/or quantitative studies, or theoretical or conceptual articles, exploring the field of entrepreneurship education, broadly defined.
    2. Teaching Cases: nonfictional teaching cases related to any entrepreneurially relevant topics with the inclusion of a comprehensive and well executed instructors guide to debriefing the case narrative. 
    3. Learning Innovations: contemporary and experientially oriented teaching and learning approaches or exercises that contain both the requisite detail needed to replicate the innovation and evidence of its effectiveness.


    Liguori, E., Winkler, C., Winkel, D., Marvel, M. R., Keels, J. K., van Gelderen, M., & Noyes, E. (2018). The Entrepreneurship Education Imperative: Introducing EE&P. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 1(1), 5–7. https://doi.org/10.1177/2515127417737290





    Christoph Winkler, Ph.D. | Professor

    Hynes Endowed Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    Founding Program Director


    Office: 914.633.2041

    Email: cwinkler@iona.edu  


    715 North Avenue

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    Interim Executive Editor, Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy

    Vice President of Pedagogy and Learning, USASBE