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Call for Papers Digital Transformation and Firm Internationalization: Antecedents, Features and Consequences - A Special Issue of the Journal of Management and Governance

  • 1.  Call for Papers Digital Transformation and Firm Internationalization: Antecedents, Features and Consequences - A Special Issue of the Journal of Management and Governance

    Posted 05-09-2019 01:09
    Call for Papers for a Special Issue 

    Journal of Management and Governance

    Digital Transformation and Firm Internationalization:

    Antecedents, Features and Consequences

    Guest Editors 
    Giovanni Battista Dagnino
    University of Rome LUMSA, Italy

    Riccardo Resciniti
    University of Sannio at Benevento, Italy


    Digital transformation (i.e., internet of things, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on) has turned into a pervasive phenomenon that individuals and firms of any kinds and size cannot afford to overlook. Actually, digital transformation enables an entire string of changes in firms' boundaries, processes, structures, roles, and interactions. At the same time, the new wave of (de)globalization influences particularly the radical transformation of supply chains, manufacturing processes, marketing tools, governance mechanisms and organizational strategies. This condition drives existing firms to look for novel and unexplored growth paths by expanding their operations internationally beyond the traditional boundaries and newly-founded firms to act since their very inception practically as born-global entities.

    This special issue aims to tackle the compelling challenges of connecting the dots between the two key issues firms cannot escape to deal with: digital transformation and internationalization. We call for both conceptual and empirical papers addressing the many modifications and adaptations that the firm as a whole has to take by redefining its strategies, entrepreneurial processes, innovation routines and governance mechanisms. A more fine-grained understanding of these topical issues turns important for both managers, entrepreneurs, startuppers, consultants and investors operating in profit and non-profit organizations.

    We are particularly keen in seeing high-quality research work that concerns:

    • the many facets of how digital transformation drives firm internationalization and vice versa;
    • the radical or series of incremental changes that digital transformation brings about to firms' guiding principles and courses of action especially when it comes to internationalize;
    • how firms use digital transformation in various ways especially when it comes to internationalize;
    • what are the key features to design and implement digital platforms for firm internationalization paths;
    • what are the conditions that favor the rise of digital ecosystems and how they are connected to firm internationalization and market entry strategies;
    • how digital transformation creates new opportunities for Made in Italy and Made in Europe;
    • the impact of digital transformation on cross-cultural and global branding strategies;
    • how digital transformation influences firm international marketing mix and the design and implementation of web marketing campaigns especially in multicultural contexts;
    • the links between digital transformation and consumer behavior, in relation to the their impact on consumer's evaluation of local, hybrid, and global products and brands;
    • country image and local and national branding in the digital era.

    The special issue is intended to catalyze disciplinary investigation on digital transformation and firm internationalization upsurging from the of realms of innovation management, marketing management, strategic management, corporate governance, supply chain, operations management and entrepreneurship, as well as to encourage fertile cross-disciplinary inquiry at the intersections of the academic fields reported above.

    A conference entitled "Digital Transformation and Internationalization of Firms: Prospects, Challenges and Future Agenda" is scheduled to take place at the University of Rome LUMSA, Palermo Campus, Palermo, Italy, on 8th February 2019. Interested authors are encouraged to submit their original work to the separate call for papers of this specific conference, since it is likely to offer a particularly constructive setting to present and discuss early ideas and draft works so as to collect feedbacks to improve the overall quality of their papers. However, we ought to make it clear that the submission to and/or presentation of papers at the LUMSA Palermo conference will not guarantee authors a preferential path to publication. All authors concerned with submitting their papers to this special issue are required follow carefully the regular JMG submission procedure and deadline that are outlined below.  


    Submission Procedure

    The closing date for submissions to this special issue is 31st May 2019.

    Manuscripts should be submitted online. Authors' registration and access will be available at http://www.editorialmanager.com/mago/default.aspx, starting from 1st March 2019. When submitting your manuscript you will be asked to specify whether it is for a regular issue or one of the named special issues, so please select the "Digital Transformation" option. The format of the papers must follow the JMG's submission guidelines.

    Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers will be reviewed in accordance with JMG's standard double-blind review process. Publication is expected in the course of 2020.

    The Guest Editors welcome enquiries in advance of submission and declarations of interest. Enquiries can be sent to the attention of the Special Issue Guest Editors: Giovanni Battista Dagnino, g.dagnino@lumsa.it, and Riccardo Resciniti, resciniti@unisannio.it.

    Giovanni Battista Dagnino,
    U. of Rome LUMSA
    Riccardo Resciniti,
    U.of Sannio at Benevento

    Giovanni Battista Dagnino
    Chair of Management
    Professor of Digital Strategy
    University of Rome LUMSA
    Palermo Campus
    Via Filippo Parlatore, 65
    90145 - Palermo (Italy)
    Tel: 39.091.6810.761
    Fax: 39.091.6816.569
    E-mail: g.dagnino@lumsa.it
    Web site: www.giovannibattistadagnino.eu