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SAP Reading Club - Invitation to join

  • 1.  SAP Reading Club - Invitation to join

    Posted 09-28-2020 07:55

    The SAP Reading Club is finally here! Come meet like-minded peers to explore potential research opportunities together, read and discuss articles of your interest, and share experiences, questions, and reflections on your research. 

    To start up, we set up 4 main topics based on your feedback: 

    • Sensemaking & Practice
    • Collaboration and open strategy 
    • Practice theory 
    • Strategy practices in entrepreneurial context 

    We will meet three times around each topic in the next six months: 

    • Meeting #1: Discuss relevant readings in the specific topic (October, November and December 2020)
    • Meeting #2: Discuss problems and solutions in doing research in the topic- data gathering, analysis & write-up (January/February 2021)
    • Meeting #3: Exploring research opportunities and paper ideas in the specific theme (March/April 2021)

    Here is the process for Meeting #1

    1. Sign up for the topic here.
    2. Recommend one or two readings of your interest 
    3. Upvote your favorite article
    4. Receive logistic information before meeting

    Come to join us, meet some friends, and have an intellectually stimulating discussion over a coffee, tea, or wine depending on your timezone!

    Katelynn, Madalina, Renate & Qian

    Qian Li
    University of Dundee