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One week left - Online PDW on Venture Idea Assessment (VIA) - July26/27

  • 1.  One week left - Online PDW on Venture Idea Assessment (VIA) - July26/27

    Posted 07-18-2021 12:47
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    Open Invitation - Online PDW on Venture Idea Assessment (VIA)


    July 26, July 27 and September 3, 2021 (see times below)

    By Per Davidsson (QUT) and Denis Grégoire (HEC Montréal)


    What drives assessments of how promising a venture idea might be? How and why do such assessments vary across team members, helpers, investors, mentors, current and potential employees, and the general public? How and why do these assessments vary over time, and how does this affect stakeholders' actions?


    Researching these questions requires a clear concept distinguishing assessment of ideas from assessments of the people who pursue these ideas-as well as a valid instrument to capture such assessments. Recent contributions have strengthened the conceptualization and operationalization of Opportunity Evaluation (OE) for potential entrepreneurs' 1st-person evaluations of venture ideas as potential opportunities for themselves, before they decide to act or not (see Scheaf et al., JBV 2020). However, such tools have been missing for assessing the merits of venture ideas in and of themselves, from a 3rd-person perspective and including by other stakeholders and at other stages of the entrepreneurial process. To address such challenges, we wrote an article, recently published in the Journal of Business Venturing, where we develop the concept and validate a new instrument for measuring Venture Idea Assessment (VIA).


    To foster new research advances in this area and facilitate sound and rigorous use of this new concept and measure, we invite interested PhD students, scholars, educators, and practitioners to take part in an online Professional Development Workshop (PDW) we will be hosting (on the zoom platform). The 60-minute workshop will include a 15-min presentation of the concept's underpinnings and recommendations for using the VIA instrument, followed by 40 minutes of Q&A interactions between participants and the authors and a 5-min synthesis.


    To accommodate participants located in most time zones, we will host three workshops:


    Asia-Pacific-Far East

    July 26

    15:00 (3pm) Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10:00)

    07:00 (7am) Central European Summer Time (UTC +2:00)


    July 27

    17:00 (5pm) Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00)


    Sept 03

    13:00 (1pm) Central European Summer Time (UTC +2:00)

    07:00 (7am) Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00)


    To foster meaningful exchanges among participants, we will limit participation to 30 individuals per workshop. We invite interested participants to pre-register their intent to take part HERE (or copy the link below into your favorite browser).



    For more information on VIA, please consult the article here (free access until August 7, 2021)


    We look forward to discussing with you the research opportunities afforded by our VIA concept and measure.

    Per and Denis

    Denis Gregoire
    Associate Professor
    HEC Montréal
    Montéal QC