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Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy: Building a Research Agenda

  • 1.  Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy: Building a Research Agenda

    Posted 07-22-2021 08:48
    Dear Colleagues,
    Following the popularity of this session five years running, and the growing body of research explicitly addressing this topic, we are delighted to invite you to a thought-provoking PDW at the 2021 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in which we'll ask: Do Lean Startup methodologies constitute a new paradigm for innovation strategy? And what research avenues does the Lean Startup phenomenon open up to scholars? [abstract below]


    Lean Startups and Innovation Strategy: Building a Research Agenda

    Saturday, July 31: 5pm - 7pm CEST | 11am - 1pm EDT | 8am - 10am PDT.

    Gautam Ahuja, Cornell University
    Henry Chesbrough, U. of California, Berkeley
    Cheng Gao, U. of Michigan
    Rory McDonald, Harvard Business School
    Erin Scott, MIT
    Mary Tripsas, U. of California, Santa Barbara

    David Clough, U. of British Columbia
    Sourobh Ghosh, Harvard Business School
    Andy Wu, Harvard Business School

    Add the session to your virtual schedule here: https://2021.aom.org/meetings/virtual/ChDpjLvQExtEcyM4h

    To help us get to know our audience, we ask you to please RSVP here: https://bit.ly/LeanStartupsRSVP
    Further information on this workshop and its past iterations, including a video of the 2020 session, is available here: https://innovationstrategyresearch.com/
    We look forward to seeing you at the session!

     Abstract: "In the decade since 'The Lean Startup' was published, the method outlined in this book has been widely adopted by entrepreneurs and the principles it embodies have guided many new venture launches and product innovations. Established corporations have attempted to adopt these practices for their in-house innovation efforts with varying levels of success. This has prompted a surge in academic interest in the Lean Startup and associated methodology. While some underlying principles of the Lean Startup method are present in established streams of literature, a flourishing body of research has emerged to address remaining gaps between theory and the practices inspired by the Lean Startup method. Thus, we ask: What new research questions does the Lean Startup movement open up? In the sixth iteration of this highly popular workshop, we continue our discussion of these issues by assembling a panel of leading scholars who will share their current work and their perspectives on interesting directions for future research."
    Sponsoring divisions: TIM, ENT, STR


    David R. Clough
    Assistant Professor
    University of British Columbia
    Vancouver BC