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AMD HACKATHON -- George Washington University (Nov. 15-16)

  • 1.  AMD HACKATHON -- George Washington University (Nov. 15-16)

    Posted 10-28-2019 22:21


    Have an empirically-driven paper?     Let us help you develop it the next AMD Hackathon:

    George Washington University – November 15-16

    AMD Hackathons offer management scholars the opportunity to develop their work for possible publication in the journal.  Participants meet with AMD Associate Editors and Editorial Review Board members several times over the course of the weekend to discuss, revise, and improve successive versions of their empirically-driven papers.  You'll work hard, but you'll develop your paper more in these 36 hours than most authors do in a month or two!

    Details on registration and manuscript submission is available here: https://aom.org/uploadedFiles/Publications/AMD_Hackathon_GWU.pdf

    Peter Bamberger
    Tel Aviv University
    Ramat Aviv