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Panel on journal publication trials and tribulations

  • 1.  Panel on journal publication trials and tribulations

    Posted 07-20-2021 13:27

    Apologies for cross-posting:

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    nvites you to the session


    Love is Blind, but are Top Journals Reviews?


    Have you ever wondered about the "fairness" of publication in top journals? Do you ever wonder what the implications of rising impact factors have on your publication opportunities?

    Would you like a chance to discuss important topics related to publication ethics?

    Welcome to the
    AOM session on Saturday, July 31, art 13:00-14:30  Session # 374: 

    We will explore scholarly access barriers to publication in top journals. While peer review is frequently asserted to be 'blind' and 'a level playing field', some indications suggest biases occur and may, at times, reflect systemic institutional norms. We will discuss some of these barriers that scholars face, including issues related to coercive citation, gratuitous reference padding, special editors that may skirt conventions, and other similar biases that impact a meritocratic academy. Our goal will be to identify possible recommendations in order to enhance opportunity and access to all scholars.  



    Benson Honig, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University 

    Akanksha Bedi, Western Washington University

    Maria Aluchna, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

    Panel Questions

    1. Do we have integrity in the academic publication process or is it tainted by bias and conflict of interest?

    2. What or who gets published? Does previous work and citation record matter? What about previous work or/and educational relationships with the editor(s)?

    3. Are standards of publication surrounding who or what gets published different for special issues versus regular issues in a journal?

    4. Should we cite articles from the journal we submit our paper to? Does such referencing provide value to our paper or is rather a symbolic gesture to place the paper in the debate conducted in the page of the journal? Would you (as reviewer or editor) accept a paper to a journal if the paper does not cite articles from that journal?

    5. Is increasing the number of references driven by the growing amount of research and literature of does it serve to please reviewers and potential reviewers?

    6. What has changed in the publication policy and institutional context of academia in the last 10 years as compared to the earlier periods?




    Benson Honig 

    Benson Honig
    McMaster University
    Hamilton ON
    (905) 525-9140 x23943