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AoM PDW on Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus

  • 1.  AoM PDW on Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus

    Posted 05-14-2021 08:48
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    *** With apologies of any cross-postings ***

    Dear Colleagues:

    Especially for those of you interested in social, sustainable and/or community-based entrepreneurship, I would like to draw your attention to the opportunity of participating to the the following AOM 2021 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) and to the open, free, online preparation session that will precede it. 

    While this PDW is co-sponsored by ONE and SIM Divisions, this PDW will address - at its core - themes of entrepreneurship and social impact at a systems or field level.

    AOM PDW Title: "Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus". See leaflet attached or download it here.

    Co-organizers: Domenico Dentoni (Montpellier Business School); Rahmin Bender-Salazar (Wageningen University & Creativo Design); Carlo Cucchi (Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation); and Rob Lubberink (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

    Discussants: Helen Etchanchu (Montpellier Business School); Sylvia Grewatsch (Brock University); Ralph Hamann (University of CapeTown Graduate School of Business).

    Deadline for registering to the pre-PDW preparation session: May 30th, 2021.

    You can register to the pre-PDW preparation session through the following link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3bFQWG7nRBprdxLFoxvK_MaJqjwyZrNGQGnQ5PRxaziipCQ/viewform

    If you have questions or remarks about how this session relates to the core interests of entrepreneurship scholarship and practice, please do not hesitate to engage.

    Kind regards,

    Domenico Dentoni

    Prof. Domenico Dentoni
    Full Professor in Business, Resilience & Transformation
    Montpellier Business School (MBS), Montpellier Research in Management (MRM)
    University of Montpellier
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