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Startup Island in Costa Rica over spring break

  • 1.  Startup Island in Costa Rica over spring break

    Posted 02-06-2019 16:46
    One of our students is considering attending this program over spring break in Costa Rica:
    startupisland | Spring Break 2019

    The program looks awesome, and the student, justifably, is trying to do some diligence on the program and make sure that it is all it is purported to be. On the webpage they list a number of prestigious universities as having sent participants including:
    * Wharton
    * Babson
    * MIT
    * Northeastern
    * Univ of Georgia
    * Univ of Virginia.....just to name a few.

    I'd really appreciate any telemetry you have on this program or forwarding this to anyone at your university who might be able to identify a student who has participated.


    Neil Kane
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI