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JBVI's new initiative: ER3 Entrepreneurship Rapid Response Research

  • 1.  JBVI's new initiative: ER3 Entrepreneurship Rapid Response Research

    Posted 02-01-2020 07:54
    ER3 Entrepreneurship Rapid Response Research
    Journal of Business Venturing Insights
    What if research had to make practical contribution with theoretical implications, rather than theoretical contribution with practical implications?
    Enhancing the conversation among scholars and practitioners is at the core of JBVI, but how can we ensure that our research conversations remain relevant, timely and responsive to current challenges? The world of entrepreneurship is full of issues requiring urgent attention and action: cities struggling with Uberization of the economy; governments having to rethink their entrepreneurship policy in the wake of social unrest; universities considering entrepreneurship training for asylum seekers; incubators worrying about the mental health of their entrepreneurs. Some of the answers to these problems are already out there. However, in the face of specific contexts and demands, those answers may seem unintelligible, inadequate or insufficiently curated collections of insights, findings or constructions. 
    This calls for a new research format, capable of accommodating relevance, timeliness and responsiveness. JBVI seeks to tackle this challenge through a new initiative, ER3: Entrepreneurship Rapid Response Research. 
    ER3 consists of scholarly contributions that are deployed quickly to inform those facing crises or pressing issues that affect, can be affected by or otherwise relate to entrepreneurial phenomena. Rapid response research is not new. It is commonly called for and organized in cases of epidemic diseases, disaster relief, political crises and alike, where teams of researchers, practitioners, activists and NGOs pool their skills and knowledge to make rapid and thoughtful contributions to tackle these problems.
    JBVI's ER3 can take two forms, which vary in terms of scope and temporality of response: ER3 papers or ER3 collections. More information about the initiative, formats and submission: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-business-venturing-insights/call-for-papers/entrepreneurship-rapid-response-research-initiative 
    Look forward to your contributions
    Dimo, Jeff and Pablo

    Pablo Munoz
    University of Liverpool