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TLC Sessions Open to All AOM2021 Attendees

  • 1.  TLC Sessions Open to All AOM2021 Attendees

    Posted 07-25-2021 17:46
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    TLC Sessions Open to All AOM2021 Attendees

    The 2021 Teaching & Learning Conference-within-a-conference is open to all AOM2021 attendees without separate registration fees.  A full program of asynchronous and synchronous sessions is available at: https://2021.aom.org/tlc-sessions


    Highlights include:

    • Keynote Workshop with Jane Dutton and Monica Worline: "Creating a Flourishing Classroom in a Difficult Time" (Session 571)
    • MED/TLC Joint Session: "Active Learning Pedagogies in Management Education and Development Post-Pandemic: Mapping the Links and Looking Ahead (Session 656)
    • Many other sessions, such as: Discussions that Build Community, not just a Letter Grade - How to Stop being 'Darth Grader' in LMS Discussions (Session 679); Designing Customised Executive Education Programs: An Outcome-Based Approach (session 611); Evidence-Based Intervention: Developing Leadership Skills (session 613); Teaching Ideation and Developing a Pitch in a Virtual Setting (session 688); An Experiential Learning Group Project for Virtual or In-person HRM Courses (session 682); Entrepreneurship: A Strategic Approach (session 668); Techniques for increasing meaningful connections in the remote learning environment (session 655)

    Please see the attachments for further details on the TLC program

    Thank you,

    The TLC Committee Leadership Team


    Outgoing committee co-chairs

    Sarika Pruthi (San Jose State University) & Stefan Krummaker (Queen Mary University of London)

    Committee co-chairs

    Lise Aaboen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) & Belgin Okay-Somerville (University of Glasgow) 

    Program co-chairs

    Karen MacMillan (Wilfrid Laurier University) & Vicki Taylor (Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania)

    Communications co-chairs

    Dante Di Gregorio (California State University, Monterey Bay) & Tawnya Means (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


    Shahron Williams van Rooij (George Mason University)

    Lise Aaboen
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


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