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ONE-SIM award for best outreach activities based on a published paper

  • 1.  ONE-SIM award for best outreach activities based on a published paper

    Posted 01-15-2020 16:10
    Call for applications:
    ONE-SIM award for best outreach activities based on a published paper
    *Apologies for cross-posting*

    To make a difference in the world, management scholars who work on sustainability need to reach out and communicate their insights to broader audiences. Two divisions of the Academy of Management-the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) and Social Issues in Management (SIM) divisions-have jointly created a new award to honour researchers who do this particularly well. The new award is for researchers who have published a relevant paper and effectively communicated the insights described in their paper to broader, non-academic audiences.

    The outreach activities must be based on a single paper published (or accepted for publication) in a peer reviewed journal within the last five years. For the 2020 award, the paper must have been published (or accepted for publication) between 2015 and 2019. The paper must focus on issues covered by the ONE and SIM divisions, but the applicants do not need to be a member of these divisions.

    The winner(s) will receive $500 in prize money and a plaque at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management. Their research insights and outreach strategy will be featured in the newsletter of the Network for Business Sustainability. In addition, the three finalists will be invited to a special session at the SIM-ONE junior faculty consortium to talk about their outreach activities.

    The application deadline for the 2020 award is April 30, 2020. Applicants need to submit (1) their contact details, (2) the research paper on which their outreach activities are based, (3) a 1500-word description of their outreach strategy and activities, and (4) evidence for up to five outreach activities (press releases, newspaper articles written by the researchers, reports, public lectures, radio interviews, etc.). Further details can be found on the award website at www.outreach-award.org.

    Outreach activities will be judged based on content and form. Content relates to how effectively researchers have translated their academic insights so that that are meaningful and relevant for a broader audience. Form refers to how well researchers have chosen and utilized communication channels to reach their target audience.

    The jury consists of three scholars who have successfully communicated research to broader audiences:

    • Tima Bansal (Ivey Business School)
    • Ioannis Ioannou (London Business School)
    • Johanna Mair (Hertie School)

    The jury is supported by a pre-selection jury featuring Grace Augustine (Cass Business School), Mark DesJardine (Penn State), and Daniel Waeger (Wilfrid Laurier University). Maggie Cascadden (Alberta School of Business) and Emilio Marti (Rotterdam School of Management) initiated the award and coordinate it on behalf of ONE and SIM. Two partners-the Network for Business Sustainability and the Rotterdam School of Management-provide communication support and funding for the award.

    If you have any questions about the award, feel free to reach out to Maggie (cascadde@ualberta.ca) and Emilio (marti@rsm.nl).

    Maggie Cascadden
    Doctoral Student
    Edmonton AB