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Join the Distinguished keynote series on 'Digital Platform Ecosystems'

  • 1.  Join the Distinguished keynote series on 'Digital Platform Ecosystems'

    Posted 05-03-2021 14:11

    Join the Distinguished keynote series on 'Digital Platform Ecosystems'

    In the digital economy, platforms are the most successful business model. What consequences does this have for the economy and society?

    Digital platforms and their surrounding ecosystems play a central role in the digital economy. For example, they connect businesses and consumers, challenge traditional ways of value creation, provide new spheres of innovation and shape public opinion. In the distinguished keynote series 'Digital Platform Ecosystems (DPE),' a group of internationally outstanding researchers present their latest findings on the question of how these ecosystems impact on the economy and on society at large.



    1) April 29: Robert Gregory, University of Virginia
    2) May 3: Kelly Martin, Colorado State University
    3) May 6: Carmelo Cennamo, Copenhagen Business School
    4) May 10: Saeed Khanagha, VU Amsterdam
    5) May 17: Edward Anderson, University of Texas
    6) May 31: Ingmar Weber, Quatar Computing Research Institute
    7) June 7: Mark de Reuver, TU Delft
    8) June 17: Jens Prüfer, Tilburg University
    9) June 21: Hemant Bhargava, University of California at Davis
    10) June 28: Philip Leifeld, University of Essex
    11) July 1: Carlo Schwarz, Bocconi University
    12) July 22: Elizabeth Altman, University of Massachusetts


    Description: https://www.digital.uni-passau.de/en/passaudpe/

    Registration: https://uni-passau.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_bJ4LQjcdSim_L6clfLVEdg