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Call for Participants at 2019 AOM PDW on Building a Management Knowledge Navigator

  • 1.  Call for Participants at 2019 AOM PDW on Building a Management Knowledge Navigator

    Posted 05-04-2019 00:49
    Edited by Victor Zitian Chen 05-05-2019 22:55

    Call for Participants at 2019 AOM PDW on Building a Management Knowledge Navigator


    Building a Management Knowledge Navigator:

    Organizational Performance for All Primary Stakeholders

    Sunday, Aug 11 2019

    11:30AM - 2:30PM

    Boston Hynes Convention Center, 306

    Limited to 60 participants

    Please pre-register by noon July 15th, 2019



    Victor Z. Chen

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte; GoPeaks.org


    Facilitators for the micro track:

    George Banks

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Frank Bosco

    Virginia Commonwealth University; metaBUS.org

    Flore Bridoux

    University of Amsterdam

    Anne Tsui

    University of Notre Dame; RRBM.network


    Facilitators for the macro track:

    Bill Glick

    Rice University; RRBM.network

    Charles Dhanaraj

    Temple University

    Steve Sauerwald

    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Marc van Essen

    University of South Carolina


    This PDW seeks to explore and encourage the development of multi-disciplinary, meta-theoretical frameworks ("meta-frameworks") that navigate our knowledge development stocks and help to translate the causes-and-effects for organizational performance. We adopt an inclusive definition of organizational performance. We define it as a plurality of performance metrics concerning all primary stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, and community/ environment), which are considered as the shared set of dependent variables (DVs) for the PDW discussions.

    Thus, the purpose of this PDW is to begin the development of a novel umbrella organizing theories, findings, and research agenda to integrate the increasingly fragmented knowledge silos in management studies. We also brainstorm and review ideas on what novel outlets can be created to visualize, host, and curate such meta-frameworks to enable continued updates, and identify what criteria can be used to evaluate the quality of meta-frameworks.


    We will group the discussions into micro and macro tracks – each with four concurrent tables, each of which will have one facilitator. Following the concurrent discussions, an integrated discussion will be hosted to further brainstorm a more comprehensive meta-framework covering all levels. The most important contribution of this PDW is to recognize the value and start valuing the novelty in knowledge integration as a new priority in management research as our field matures.

    Pre-registration at https://www.gopeaks.org/2019-aom-pdw-on-management-knowledge-navigator by noon July 15 2019.


    Best regards,


    Victor Chen



    Victor Zitian Chen
    Associate Professor of International Management
    Belk College of Business
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Founding Coordinator
    Global OpenLabs for Performance-Enhancement Analytics and Knowledge System