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Final Call: Spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change

  • 1.  Final Call: Spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change

    Posted 01-27-2020 18:26

    Final Call: Spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change

    Edited by Kathryn Pavlovich (Waikato Management School) and Gideon Markman (Colorado State University)

    Do you have a rejected paper in your drawer that fits the following call?  If so, we would love to consider it.  For more information, please email Kathryn Pavlovich (Kathryn.pavlovich@waikato.ac.nz).  We have space for a couple more chapters, but time is short.

    This volume is on spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change. Spirituality, defined as a connection with the sacred, explores the practices, influences and beliefs from western, eastern, indigenous and new age traditions, all of which offer rich opportunities for examining transcendental change for humanistic and compassion based futures.  Connections with entrepreneurship are welcomed but we will also consider research that examines potentiality, transcendence and metaphysical perspectives. 

    We encourage contributions that are radical, edgy and controversial. You may have a manuscript that was considered "too interdisciplinary" for traditional journals, but has a good story to tell. We would love to consider it for our book volume.  Our scope is broad – theoretical, empirical, essays and description – as long as the manuscripts are informed by scholarship.

    This edited volume is part of a series by World Scientific by (http://www.worldscientific.com), a leading independent, entirely family-owned publisher in Innovation, Business and Economics, Finance, Management and related fields, with offices worldwide.

    Kathryn Pavlovich
    University Of Waikato
    Hamilton, New Zealand