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Call for JOMSR Chief Editor

  • 1.  Call for JOMSR Chief Editor

    Posted 06-01-2021 08:14
    Journal of Management Scientific Reports: Chief Editor

    Call for Applications and Nominations

    The Southern Management Association is searching for a qualified individual to serve as Editor
    of the new journal, Journal of Management Scientific Reports (JOMSR). The term for the
    individual selected will be six years. The Editor will begin processing manuscripts in the Fall of
    2021. This position is ideal for a mid to late career stage visionary with an established scholarly
    reputation and a penchant for change and the creation of new scientific structures. The Chief
    Editor will be entirely independent from the SMA yet will have the support and counsel of an
    established network of advisory board members consisting of senior, past founding editors and
    associate editors.

    Nominations and Questions:
    If you wish to nominate someone for this position or if you have questions about the
    responsibilities of serving as Editor, you are encouraged to contact any member of the search
    Pamela L. Perrewé, Florida State University (pperrewe@fsu.edu)
    Gerald R. Ferris, Florida State University (gferris@fsu.edu)
    Hettie A. Richardson, Texas Christian University (h.richardson@tcu.edu)
    Christopher Rosen, University of Arkansas (crosen@walton.uark.edu)
    Shaker Zahra, University of Minnesota (zahra004@umn.edu)

    Information for Candidates:
    The mission of Journal of Management Scientific Reports (JOMSR) is to publish research aimed at theory
    testing and refinement. In essence, JOMSR seeks to move the management sciences forward by focusing
    on testing theory and refining theory rather than developing new and unique theories. JOMSR will be
    independent of our flagship journal, Journal of Management (JOM).
    JOMSR seeks well-informed and robustly designed studies that are focused on advancing our knowledge
    in management via testing and refinement of existing theory. All empirical methods including, but not
    limited to, qualitative, quantitative, field, laboratory, meta-analytic, and mixed methods are welcome.

    Please see our website for additional information: https://smgmt.org/jomsr/

    JOMSR will be published four times each year. We seek contributions from all facets of management
    (e.g., Strategic Management; Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management; Organizational
    Theory; Entrepreneurship) as well as interdisciplinary perspectives and methodological practices to the
    study of organizational phenomena.

    JOMSR and the Southern Management Association (SMA) will benefit from a cooperative
    arrangement between the SMA, the publisher, and the Editor's home institution, which
    collectively provide the resources needed to run a top journal.

    • The Publisher will provide an editorial support staff including:
    o A production editor
    o A marketing manager
    o Peer review technology specialists
    o Editorial assistants
    o Copy editors

    • The Southern Management Association will provide a modest budget, to be distributed as
    deemed appropriate by the Editor. This could be used to support/supplement items such as but
    not limited to:
    o Editor stipend
    o Travel expenses
    o Local staff salaries (RAs, admin staff)
    o Furniture, computer equipment
    o Board member gifts
    o Event sponsorship

    To apply:
    Candidates should apply electronically by submitting a single PDF file that consists of:
    • A current curriculum vitae.
    • A letter of interest providing:
    1. A statement of purpose and goals for the journal editorship.
    2. A discussion of how the office will be organized and managed, including details
    about consulting editors, associate editors, or other alternative structures if
    3. Previous organization/management experience, technology expertise, editorial
    4. A letter of support by the host institution acknowledging the editorial role and/or
    financial/resource support.

    These materials need to be received by the search committee no later than 07/30/2021. We, at
    SMA, value diversity and encourage applications/nominations from women and
    underrepresented groups.

    Please send your vita and ask two endorsers to send their letters to pperrewe@fsu.edu.

    Shaker Zahra
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis MN
    (612) 626-6623