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[Reminder] Call for Papers - IOM Special Issue on Digital Innovation

  • 1.  [Reminder] Call for Papers - IOM Special Issue on Digital Innovation

    Posted 06-11-2019 08:27

    Innovation: Organization & Management is inviting submissions for a forthcoming special issue on Digital Innovation.

    Deadline:  1st September 2019

    Special Issues Editors:     Marcel Bogers, University of Copenhagen; Raghu Garud, Pennsylvania State University; Aija Leiponen, Cornell University; Llewellyn D W Thomas, LaSalle Universitat Ramon Llull; Philipp Tuertscher, VU Amsterdam; Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University


    We are open to a broad scope of contexts, including but not limited to business, government, and not for profit. At the same time, we have identified the following questions as being of interest for the proposed Special Issue, however this list is not exhaustive.

    Generating Digital Innovations - how investments in digital technologies lead to new product, service, organizational, management, and social innovations.

    • How does digitization of organizational processes enable new business models?
    • How is the management of digital innovation different from traditional products and services?
    • How does the greater levels of interconnectivity (as evidenced by platforms and ecosystems) result in different organizational and management processes?
    • How does increasing technological and industry-level convergence enable the emergence of digital innovation?
    • How does the advance of digital technology give rise to new opportunities for innovation? Does this systematically vary across industry or sector?
    • How do the innovation processes of products and services designed to be unfinished products differ from traditional products and services?
    • How does the use of digital technology as strategy or complementary resources change the way value is created and extracted?
    • What are the limits of digital innovation?

    Digitalizing Innovation Processes - how the innovation process itself becomes digitized.

    • How does crowdsourcing and other principles of distributed innovation influence the innovation process?
    • How is the resourcing and organization of the innovation process being digitized? Are there systematic differences across industries and sectors?
    • How does the digitization of organizational and innovation processes enable new business models?
    • How do digital innovation processes facilitate more dynamic and disruptive value propositions?
    • What policy implications are there for digital innovation processes?

    The primary goal of this call is to gather high quality empirical papers. However, conceptual papers that push the envelope will also be considered.

    For more information, click here (http://explore.tandfonline.com/cfp/bes/jmv06277-rimp-si-digital-innovation).

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