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You Missed a Good One! (Oh, wait... no you didn’t!)

  • 1.  You Missed a Good One! (Oh, wait... no you didn’t!)

    Posted 08-04-2020 19:08

    We had a joyous PDW session, "Entrepreneur-Led Economic Development: Entrepreneurial Communities Through the Right Eyes" (a/k/a #18303) and the zoom session and slide decks are uploaded. We also added a wiki that we will keep adding to as we move forward. Stellar work by Erik Stam, Antonio Rios, Yipeng Liu, and Bernd Wurth with rockstar moderation by Christina Theodoraki (who also wrangled all the setup & deserves all the credit!) Plus a wonderful audience with some tough questions, many from the entrepreneur/policy side. Check us out till month's end.

    But wait!  There's more....  the real goal of all this is a Meeting of the Minds where scholars & educators connect deeply with practitioners and policy experts.

    Google "Hilbert problems" <I'll wait ;) >  What are the critical questions we need to address if the field is to move forward? We've begun asking our partners in entrepreneurial development, the entrepreneurial champions (like Techstars), policy experts, and ecosystem builders (like Kauffman ESHIP*).   Link to Hilbert Q survey: https://forms.gle/WLbApyYoX3nCAWkr6

    We're NOT done! From here, we want to bring back our original model. We had intended to have roundtables by topic for this Meeting of the Minds but.. .now we can! (And you won't have to pick only 1-2 different tables. Also, tables can be small or really big, thanks to Zoom.) Our intent is to start hosting virtual "tables" for discussions, primarily around Hilbert Questions that intrigue multiple stakeholders. Our current presenters are all going to host a table and as we get these lined up, we will share that.  Build this, if we can, into a learning community/community of practice for those interested in entrepreneur-led economic development, a/k/a bottom-up, entrepreneur-led ecosystems, a/k/a what Kauffman dubbed ecosystem building. Will you join us?

                PDW video: https://youtu.be/8WeNCykGYRo ; slides: https://bit.ly/AOMPDW20_Slides ;

    wiki: https://bit.ly/PDWecosysWiki

    If you like any of this, thank Christina and the TIM & ENT pdw chairs, Mary Ann Feldman & April Franco!


    Christina, Norris, Erik, Yipeng, Antonio, Bernd (and audience including ESHIP Nation)

    * If you don't know ESHIP, you should.


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