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Join us for the Showcase Symposium: Exploring Entrepreneurial Failure And Exit In The Midst Of Chaos

  • 1.  Join us for the Showcase Symposium: Exploring Entrepreneurial Failure And Exit In The Midst Of Chaos

    Posted 07-23-2021 11:20

    Exploring Entrepreneurial Failure And Exit In The Midst Of Chaos

    Session Type: Showcase Symposium

    Format: Synchronous Live Open

    Scheduled: Tuesday, Aug 3 2021 4:00PM - 5:30PM ET (UTC-4)

    Program Session: 1340 | Sponsor: (ENT)

    Link to the symposium: https://2021.aom.org/meetings/virtual/vXEG9Z5oXCah6LgBY

    Entrepreneurial ventures carry a high level of uncertainty, which makes the potential for failure and exit a rather common occurrence. Adding to this uncertainty is the COVID-19 global pandemic, which has disrupted individual's lives both personally and professionally. State mandates on social distancing requirements and disruptions in workers' schedules from telework have likely impacted multiple aspects of entrepreneurial businesses and projects. Notwithstanding, social movements and political activism (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Women's March, and #MeToo) have called attention to those who have previously been neglected and whose needs have been ignored. In response, entrepreneurs and scholars may need to pivot, making a sharp change in direction for what to focus time and resources on what is next. This panel symposium brings together prominent scholars in the entrepreneurial failure and exit domains to provide a current perspective on the state of research in this domain and initiate a proposed launching point for future research on entrepreneurial failure and exit. The topic naturally investigates the influence of the on-going pandemic and social movements impacting entrepreneurs around the globe, specifically how both entrepreneurs and stakeholders make sense of failure and exit and in turn adapt.

    Symposium Structure

    • Part 1 (35 minutes): Introduction & Panel Discussion - Introduction and discussion of current failure research and COVID and social movement implications

    • Part 2 (20 minutes): Question & Answer - Panelists will answer attendees' questions

    • Part 3 (15 minutes each; 30 minutes total): Breakout Rooms - Panelists will further build upon the topic and engage with attendees in small groups

    • Part 4 (5 minutes): Conclusion - Wrap up and discussion of post-symposium tools


    • Dawn DeTienne, Colorado State U.

    • Anna Jenkins, U. of Queensland

    • Dean Shepherd, U. of Notre Dame

    • Amanda Williamson, Waikato Management School


    • Ashley Roccapriore, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville

    • Jacob Waddingham, Auburn U.

    Ashley Roccapriore 

    Instructor & Doctoral Candidate
    Management & Entrepreneurship || University of Tennessee