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Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2020

  • 1.  Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2020

    Posted 29 days ago

    Dear Fellow AOM Members:

    It is my pleasure to share with you the interviews that my partners and I have created to support Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2020.  


    The event will be held from September 21st through November 13th.  We will be releasing videos each week.  I have uploaded the videos in "premier" mode so viewers can see the upcoming videos' release dates, even if they cannot access them yet. 


    Here is the link to the playlist:




    Here is the tentative schedule for the video releases:


    21st Sept – Julia aka Princess Gaia (Berlin, Germany) – Therapist and Member of Gaia Storytelling

    25th Sept -Tammy Reese (Abilene, TX) – Owner of the Flipping Egg and Serial Entrepreneur

    28th Sept – Nuwella Love (Belin, Germany) – Founder of Ó Water

    02nd Oct – Claudine Desrosiers (Rimouski, Canada) – Internationally Recognized Artist and Art Entrepreneur

    05th Oct – Mar Michelle Häusler (Lisboa, Portugal) – Founder of Give & Take Lab, aimed at exploring new interactions with money

    09th Oct – Gitta Peyn (Lüchow, Germany) – Co-Inventor of Formwelt, a linguistic system that can be spoken by humans and machines

    12th Oct – Missy Denard (Abilene, TX) – Social Entrepreneur and Founder of New Beginnings Big Country

    16th Oct – Purvi Shah Paulini (Münster, Germany) – Owner of Living India – Expert in Intercultural Communication

    19th Oct – Yudith Terrazas (Juarez, Mexico) - Directora de Centro de Estimulación y Orientación para el Desarrollo Infantil- CEODI)


    23rd Oct – Denise Coulter (Abilene, Texas) – Subway Franchise Owner and John Maxwell Executive Team Member.


    26th Oct – Karen and Christian Light (Abilene, TX) – Sole Proprietors of Canon Light Enterprises and Texas Roots Salon

    30th Oct – Lisa Kollmannsberger (Lindkirchen, Germany) – Young, wild and diligent Entrepreneur and Tenant of the Hofcafé in Lindkirchen

    2nd Nov – Ese Dodokier (Lagos, Nigeria) – Founder of Peem Peace School in Lagos, Nigeria

    06th Nov – Alex Terrell Russell (Abilene, TX) – Co-Founder of JAR Land & Investments

    09th Nov – Ilona Ori (Chapel Hill, NC) – Social Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Ori Diagnostics

    13th Nov - Simar Kohli (Bangalore, India) - Ecopreneur at ECOSTP

    16th Nov - Sara Frasca (Ponote Vedra Beach, Florida) – World Recognized Motivational Speaker

    20th Nov – Dr D. University and Princess Gaia – a summary

    My partner for this project, Julia Hayden from the Gaia Storytelling Lab, also has a page dedicated to the event:



    This is a really exciting update to women's entrepreneurship week – please feel free to share it with anyone you wish.


    Best Regards,



    R. Duncan M. Pelly, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

    Director of the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Director of International Business Programs

    McMurry University

    1400 Sayles Blvd

    Abilene, TX 79697



    R. Duncan Pelly
    McMurry University
    Abilene TX