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57-1 Latest Issue of the Journal of Small Business Management

  • 1.  57-1 Latest Issue of the Journal of Small Business Management

    Posted 01-20-2019 20:02

    I am please to share with the Entrepreneurship Division, the Table of contents for t Vol 57 Issue 1 of the Journal of Small Business Management , the largest single issue topic Female Entrepreneurship,published in its 66 year history. Special thanks to the four researchers who produced this seminal issue.

     CONTENTS January 2019           Volume 57              Number 1


    Editorial by Geralyn McClure Franklin and George T. Solomon                                     p.4


    High-Growth Women's Entrepreneurship: Fueling Social and

    Economic Development  by Diana Hechavarria, Amanda Bullough

    Candida Brush, and Linda Edelman                                                                                  85

    Democratizing Entrepreneurship? Digital Technologies and the

    Internationalization of Female-Led SMEs by Albena Pergelova

    Tatiana Manolova, Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva, and Desislava Yordanova                14


    Why Hurry? The Slow Process of High Growth in Women-Owned Businesses

    in a Resource-Scarce Context by Michael Zisuh Ngoasong and

    Albert Nsom Kimbu                                                                                                                  40


    The Influence of Funding Approaches, Growth Expectations, and Industry

     Gender Distribution on High-Growth Women Entrepreneurs by Amy M. Yacus,

     Saadet Elif Esposito, and Yi Yang                                                                                         59


    Female-Led High-Growth: Examining the Role of Human and Financia

    Resource Management by Richard A. Devine, Gonzalo Molina-Sieiro,

    1. Michael Holmes Jr., and Siri A. Terjesen 81


    A Gender-Aware Study of Self-Leadership Strategies among High-Growth

     Entrepreneurs by Bari L. Bendell, Diane M. Sullivan, and Matthew R. Marvel        110


    Gender Characterizations in Entrepreneurship: A Multi-Level Investigation

    of Sex-Role Stereotypes about High-Growth, Commercial, and Social

    Entrepreneurs by Vishal K. Gupta, Alice M. Wieland, and Daniel B. Turban             131


    Original Articles Role Models and Women Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial


    Superwoman Has Her Say by Janice Byrne, Salma Fattoum, and

    Maria Cristina Diaz Garcia                                                                                                      154


    Same Boundary Management Preference, Different Outcome:

    Toward a Gendered Perspective of Boundary Theory Among

    Entrepreneurs by Kristen K. Shanine, Kimberly A. Eddleston, and

     James G. Combs                                                                                                                       185


    Women's Perceived Empowerment in Entrepreneurial Efforts:

    The Role of Bricolage and Psychological Capital by Shaun Paul Digan,

    Gurjeet Kaur Sahi, Stanzin Mantok, and Pankaj C. Patel                                                 206


    Microf nance Traps and Relational Exchange Norms: A Field Study of

    Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania by Marta Lindvert, Pankaj C. Patel,

    Célina Smith, and Joakim Wincent                                                                                       230


    Democracy across Gender Diversity and Ethnicity of Middle Eastern SMEs:

    How Does Performance Differ? by Charbel Salloum, George Jabbour, and

     Catherine Mercier-Suissa                                                                                                       255

    George Solomon
    The George Washington Univ.
    Washington DC
    (202) 994-3760