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Vox Populi!

  • 1.  Vox Populi!

    Posted 01-01-2021 20:25
    How can ENT help YOU?

    My dear ENT friends... This is my last year as RAL and I realized that I'm overdue for my latest "How can the Division help you?" poll... (And, no, we can't get you an endowed chair ������)
    It is so important for your Executive Committee to find out what all of you are looking for here in 2021. We DO want to hear. (Direct replies and other PM/DMs are strictly confidential!)
      > What has ENT done well/better?
      > What does ENT need to start doing? (Stop doing?)
      > What can Norris do?
    Note that we can't fix AoM level stuff (lol but new prez Herman Aguinis IS listening)
    Also note that we got no money... �� (any ideas for raising a few dollars/euros/pounds/yuan??*)

    Feel free to respond here or message me directly via email or twitter, facebook, linkedin or carrier pigeon**.

    Most of all... it IS a new year... we've got this.... YOU've got this!


    * I suspect my strategy of buying powerball/megamillion tickets is a non-starter 
    ** not recommended as Idaho is flush with raptors (the bald eagle migration is underway here)

    "How can I help you to grow entrepreneurs?" 
    Norris Krueger, Ph.D.
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  • 2.  RE: Vox Populi!

    Posted 01-10-2021 15:02
    THANK YOU for the wonderful responses so far!  Will share results after I get a few more.

    I was reminded that my writing style might confuse a few people. I want this discussion to be conversational in tone. (This is not an official Division survey, just part of my role as an RAL. I am deeply curious about what our members have to say. You are our lifeblood.)

    And I still want to hear from more of you. (And while we are hardly broke, free/cheap suggestions are always better. Moreover, it's always good to identify additional ways to earn more support!)

    p.s. I am easy to find on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. We occasionally have great academic discussions on Twitter & Facebook. I've been doing daily posts #Adv_Ent (a play on Advent but short for ADVancing ENTrepreneurship) and I encourage you to chime and add your own favorite links/videos/people! ​

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