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Don't cancel your spring/summer New Venture Creation course just yet.

  • 1.  Don't cancel your spring/summer New Venture Creation course just yet.

    Posted 22 days ago


    If you are scheduled to teach New Venture Creation for the spring or summer semester, and you're not sure if life will be back to normal by then, here is an alternative for you.   We are currently working with university/college professors across Canada and the U.S. who use 100 Steps 2 Startup as an experiential learning tool in entrepreneurship courses such as yours. It has also been used successfully for distance learning and can be a perfect solution for the classroom challenges we are all facing due to Covid-19. In addition, if regular classes resume prior to or during the semester, students will be able to seamlessly continue their work in class.

    The program uses videos and exercises to teach Lean Startup concepts, and allows professors such as yourself to become a 'guide from the side' rather than a 'sage on the stage'. You can record or conduct short lectures on Zoom or Loom, and allow your students to continue working independently at home. Students can work in teams (meeting on Zoom) or as individuals. They will engage in entrepreneurial exercises and learn concepts such as ideation, opportunity evaluation, customer discovery & validation, value proposition determination and more.

    Feedback from both professors and students has been extremely positive. You will receive the program at no charge. Students pay the reduced rate of $49 (available only for this spring/summer) for 12-month access that is easily extended if they want to continue working on their startup.

    If you think this might be a good fit for your class, let's set up a video chat with a live demo and I can show you how it works.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.





    More info here if interested: https://100steps2startup.com/educators


    Dr. Sean Wise | BA LLB MBA PhD
    Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship,
    Ryerson University
    (416) 995 9017