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AOM Panel Symposium "Entrepreneurial Pivoting: Theoretical Frontiers and Practical Implications"

  • 1.  AOM Panel Symposium "Entrepreneurial Pivoting: Theoretical Frontiers and Practical Implications"

    Posted 07-22-2021 12:04

    We would like to invite you to join the live panel symposium on "Entrepreneurial Pivoting: Theoretical Frontiers and Practical Implications" at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting on Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 09:30–11:00AM EDT



    David Hsu (University of Pennsylvania) and Andy Wu (Harvard University)

    Laura Huang (Harvard University)

    Riitta Katila (Stanford University)

    Pinar Ozcan (University of Oxford)

    Violina Rindova (University of Southern California)

    Paul Tracey (University of Cambridge)


    This Symposium examines the emerging phenomenon of entrepreneurial pivoting through the lenses of key theoretical perspectives. While pivoting is often considered ubiquitous among new ventures, scholarly research on this topic is still nascent. This Symposium seeks to bridge this gap by shedding light on the major theoretical frontiers in entrepreneurial pivoting research.  

    The session will bring together leading scholars who will reflect on the state of entrepreneurial pivoting research and its implications for stakeholders from different theoretical perspectives (e.g. institutional theory, organizational learning, nonmarket strategy, design theory, stakeholder cognition, and new market emergence).  

    The Symposium will start with an introduction of pivoting research, and then will feature insights from each of the panelists, followed by an integrative discussion and Q&A session.  

    The session intends to equip participants with an understanding of the pivoting phenomenon, key theoretical approaches to studying pivoting, and promising opportunities for developing theory by advancing the theoretical frontiers of entrepreneurial pivoting research.  


    Link to Symposium:


    We look forward to interesting and generative conversations about pivoting! 


    Best regards, 

    Symposium Organizers  

    Alicia DeSantola, University of Washington 

    Cheng Gao, University of Michigan 

    Christian Hampel, Imperial College London