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#STRongerTogether Symposium: New Perspectives on Industry and Ecosystem Emergence

  • 1.  #STRongerTogether Symposium: New Perspectives on Industry and Ecosystem Emergence

    Posted 01-19-2021 23:01

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    #STRongerTogether Symposium:
    New Perspectives on Industry and Ecosystem Emergence

    Jan 27, 2021 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)



    This Symposium aims to present and discuss novel perspectives on industry and ecosystem emergence. Four empirical papers will be presented and discussed by scholars who have extensively engaged with this timely topic for research and practice. The industries investigated in the studies include: bionic prosthetics, music synthesizers, drones, and sport climbing. The final part of the symposium will be a plenary discussion with the attendants and the panelists. Registration is required.






    Paper 1

    Rajshree Agarwal (U. of Maryland)

    Tobias Kretschmer (LMU)

    Paper 2

    Mary Tripsas (Boston College)

    Ryan Raffaelli (Harvard U.)

    Paper 3

    Mahka Moeen (UNC)

    Giovanni Valentini (IESE)

    Paper 4

    Paolo Aversa (City, U. of London)

    Pinar Ozcan (U. of Oxford)


    Paper 1: . Kim, S., Agarwal, R., Goldfarb, B., Creating Competencies For Radical Technologies: Revisiting "Incumbent-Entrant" Dynamics in the Bionic Prosthetic Industry


    Paper 2: Nelson, Al., Anthony, C., Tripsas, M. Back to the Future: Technology Reemergence through the Lens of Music Synthesizers.


    Paper 3: Shermon, A., & Moeen, M. Zooming In or Zooming Out: Entrants' Product Usage Breadth in the Nascent Drone Industry.


    Paper 4: Aversa, P., Bianchi, E., Gaio, L., Nucciarelli, A. The Grand Tour: Catalyzing Places for Industry Emergence.

    Registration link:

    STR Organizing team:

    Event Organizer: Paolo Aversa (City, U. of London)

    Event Chair: Gwendolyn Lee (U. of Florida)

    STR Support: Aseem Kaul (U. of Minnesota) and Jiao Luo (U. of Minnesota)

    Jiao Luo
    Associate Professor
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis MN
    (612) 626-1907