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Surveying Entrepreneurship Center Salaries

  • 1.  Surveying Entrepreneurship Center Salaries

    Posted 11-18-2019 18:35
    Hi folks,
    I'm trying to put together 2021 budgets for the entrepreneurship center I run at the University of Miami. I was wondering if there have been any surveys done on wages / budgets of university entrepreneurship centers. Any guidance on where to look would be greatly appreciated. OR if this hasn't been done before, I'm happy to kickoff a survey, would just want to know what data points you would all like to know about.

    So far the biggest variables I've seen that impact wages are:
    • Public vs private institution
    • Grant funded vs permanent budget
    • Inside academic division (usually b-schools) or outside
    • Open to broader community or exclusive to school
    • Specific mission oriented
    • Economic development goals
    • Volume of students/clients per year
    • size of staff 
    What other data points would be useful to compile?


    Brian Breslin
    University of Miami
    Coral Gables FL

  • 2.  RE: Surveying Entrepreneurship Center Salaries

    Posted 11-19-2019 11:02
    Hi Brian,
    I'm very interest to hear what you find.  I was just appointed to lead the entrepreneurship center at Louisville - "just", as in, I haven't even signed my contract yet - so I don't know yet what our budget is or what our organization will look like.  If you end up collecting your own data, I'm happy to collaborate, but I'm also very keen just to hear what you learn.
    Kind regards,
    Bobby Garrett

    Robert Garrett
    University of Louisville
    Louisville KY
    (502) 852-4790

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    Posted 11-19-2019 13:38
    Hi Brian!

    I don't know of any survey data off the top of my head, but I'm proposing $50k for the business development manager, $30k for the student staffing service coordinator, and $15/hour for the student assistants (plus 48% fringe benefits for all) for the center I'm trying to open here at Cal State Bakersfield. Lowball numbers, but they're what I think I can get approved at the moment. I'd love to see the results of your survey so I can lobby for more money here! :-)

    Jeremy Woods
    Assistant Professor
    California State Univ. Bakersfield
    Bakersfield CA
    (661) 654-3961

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    Posted 11-20-2019 10:03
    Hi Brian,
    I'm also interested in hearing more about this. I very much wish that AACSB would have more granular data on entrepreneurship professors with emphasis on those of us who run centers. At my school, I am the only entrepreneurship guy in town, and the school uses the AACSB salary study as a target to set salaries. I do get a 2-course annual release to run the center, which puts me at the same teaching load as other "administrators" - i.e., chairs. However, I am very careful to define my role as primarily academic, which is to say that I primarily exist to serve students. I work very closely with the SBDC to make sure that small business clients are served and I serve a select few myself. With all that said, the only variable that I think you are missing in your list above is AACSB/non-AACSB schools.

    Scott Manley
    Distinguished Professor
    Midwestern State University
    Wichita Falls TX
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    Posted 11-20-2019 12:21
    Todd Finkle at Gonzaga has lots of data. Maybe check with him!

    Best regards,

    Morgan R. Clevenger, EdD, MBA

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    Clevenger, M. R. (2019). Corporate citizenship and higher education: Behaviors, engagement, and ethics. New York, NY: Palgrave-Macmillan.